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Since 2006 I've focused on providing private coaching because it keeps YOU in the driver seat of YOUR BUSINESS.

Yes, I'll help you read the map. I'll point out all the awesome opportunities along the way.

I'll even guide you through deciding which roadways will be easiest traveled.

But, I'm not Siri. I won't expect you to know where you want to go and I won't take over and tell you how to drive.

It's your business. I'm here as your co-pilot. 

I've learned a few things and I'm happy to pass them along and let you do with them what you want.


BUSINESS OWNERSHIP: a profession that on the outside looks like living the ultimate dream but on the inside can feel like riding a roller coaster through a tornado.

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Success in being our own boss stretches our comfort zone and tests our integrity. It takes confidence, courage and personal growth to reach goals, overcome challenges and decide on next steps.


We must learn to be self accountable and create schedules, routines and systems if we want to grow our business. We must stay focused and clear so we don't get distracted, go off course or slow down.


Good thing is, we don't have to do it all alone. We can put together our own success team. Those who support, encourage, educate, guide and empower us. It would be an honor to be part of your success team.

I'm here and ready to help you come up with clear brand messaging and powerful service programs that connect with your ideal clients making it easier to buy and more comfortable to sell.

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Motivation for home business owners: You can do this!
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Maintain Momentum

Clarity Creator:

A one time virtual online coaching session for individual business owners. 90 minutes of clearing away mental clutter so you can determine a clear direction and plan your next steps with confidence.

available in-person in Phoenix, Arizona by request


Select A Program


A 30-day program to ignite ideas, organize strategies and build structure so you can reach your goals.


and be.your.own.boss

A 6-month comprehensive business building program so you can design and implement a solid, structured and organized business plan.


Momentum Generator:

A coach when you need it coaching option. 90 minutes to organize ideas, get feedback, brainstorm possibilities and clarify next steps so you can move your business forward.


Maintain Momentum

Own It:

a 6 or 12 month business momentum program to breakthrough challenges, learn how to be self accountable and analyze needed changes so you can stay focused, motivated and moving forward.


I’m glad I started coaching with Erin. In my first call, I experienced a shift from a freelancer mindset to a consultant mindset. I feel a lot more confident and am excited to now have a 6 step client process that is uniquely mine. 

Claire Tak

Oakland, California

My Clarity Creator was AWESOME! It surpassed my expectations and was well worth the price. I very much appreciated the investment Erin made in me through her prep forms and putting milestones together before our call.

Jill K.

Phoenix, Arizona

Before coaching with Erin, I had a tangle of ideas in my head. Now, I have systems and more control of my days. Erin's approach consistently pushed me outside my comfort zone. In a crowded field of coaches, Erin is the real deal.

Leslie Beale

Knoxville, TN

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