Why Women Hire A Business Coach?

5 reasons women hire a business coach:

1. You're sitting there by yourself with thousands of ideas and what-ifs and they are only amplifying things like fear, self-doubt, uncertainty.

Hiring a coach allows you to get the ideas and what-ifs out onto paper where you can sort through them, define steps to implement or release them, take action and work on them.  In doing so you’ll eliminate fear and add confidence and clarity to your decision making.

2. You have a great idea and you think about it and think about it OR you have a challenge, problem or situation and you think about it and think .

You find you're going around and around which leads you to running in circles and ending up in the same place you started... Hiring a coach allows a new set of eyes to see your idea or your problem from a new perspective which allows for new solutions, new strategies and new ideas to emerge.

3. Calling a friend just doesn't work.

Don't get me wrong, everyone needs a best friend BUT... your best friend is likely to already "know" your buttons and if you call her in "one of those moments" she is likely not going to push your button and tell it to you straight. You see, when you talk to your best friend she/he has something to lose... their friendship with you... hiring a coach means that you'll have the spotlight in the conversation, all eyes, energy and focus is on YOU! The coach is likely to tell it to you straight because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your success is their goal and they will go to all out to help you make success happen.

4. If you've already talked to your best friend the next in line is your spouse or partner and boy oh boy!

Ever tried talking to your spouse or partner about your business? Especially if she/he is not an entrepreneur themselves... Watch out! Your significant other, much like your best friend has A LOT to lose and all she/he wants to gain is a happy wife or girlfriend. What is likely to happen when you're talking to them about your business is they see a not-so-happy wife and it is in many people's nature to "solve the problem."   So, she/he will be quick to suggest solutions when all you really wanted was someone to listen and say things like "you're right dear, that's horrible dear, I can't believe that either, honey."  You're not being heard and getting the real advice you need.

Hiring a coach could actually save your marriage and relationship. Really, there are lots of entrepreneurial women whose partners say "I love your coach." Why?  Because they now have a happy wife/girlfriend who tells them about all the wonderful things happening in their business and when something goes wrong, you are more likely to call your coach first instead of your spouse or partner.

5. Almost every week there is a new "shiny object" or “must have" for your business success that can either be a distraction, time waster or money sucker.

Without a coach you will either decide too quickly and discover it's a time wasting money sucker OR you'll wait too long and the newest and greatest will be something everyone else is already doing... When you hire a coach you will be able to make decisions quicker and with more confidence, clarity, focus and direction. You'll know you're right decisions from your not-so-right decisions.  This means you'll spend less time, less money and run into less emotional self-doubt. How about that for a ROI (return on investment) in coaching?

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