Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Need A Title — But Think They Do

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Too often, my clients get hung up on what they want to call themselves. The title they use when introducing themselves, the two words or the phrase that’s supposed to sum up what they do. When they can’t settle on that title, they’re paralyzed. They lose momentum because they’re so worried about a few words.

In my experience, the title doesn’t do justice to what you really do.

It’s just some words thrown together so you can conform to what the corporate world thinks you need. Your title doesn’t define you, and sometimes it can restrict you and your growth.

In my business, I’ve changed from calling myself a “business coach” to “momentum coach” to not using a title, then back to “business coach” again. Like my clients, I was at odds with what to call myself and so felt like I was constantly switching gears.

And then I stopped.

Now, instead of saying I’m a business coach, I use a formula. I say, “I’m Erin and I help business owners achieve their goals” or “I’m Erin and I work with female entrepreneurs to find direction and passion in their businesses.”

Using descriptors start conversations.

It truly tells people what I do. And the best part is, I can tweak it at any time to meet the needs of my audience or to match what I’m particularly lit up about that day.

When I start a conversation with more than just a title, when I really say what I do, people respond with, “Oh, I have a friend who owns her own business,” or “My wife is thinking of starting a business.” It’s the perfect lead-in to, “Well, let me give you a business card.”

I can encourage these new contacts to visit my website, where I have my packages and testimonials many clients.

Not only that, but people start to ask questions.

When I used to say that I was a business coach, people assumed they knew what that meant so they didn’t ask. When I open up from the get-go and really explain what I do, I’m starting a conversation.

Sometimes that conversation leads to an exchange about how I help female entrepreneurs, sometimes it’s a conversation about what it looks like in the business world and sometimes it turns into a referral for new business.

Anyone can call themselves a photographer, a business coach, a bookkeeper, a web designer, you get the picture. I encourage my clients to think about what’s unique to you and how you do business and use that as your calling card, not a title that doesn’t explain anything at all.

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