Which Coaching Program is Right for You?

Which Coaching Program is Right for You?

You’ll remember my recent post about all the confusion surrounding coaching programs and program length. It’s enough to make even the most savvy women a bit befuzzled!

Let’s dive in a little deeper and talk about how to determine which coaching program is right for you. Because let’s face it: It could be a part-time job, just finding the right one.

Here’s what I recommend you do when searching for the right coaching program:

Find the Right Coach

Finding a coach who you can really connect with is a huge part of the puzzle. You need to make sure the coach you choose has a style, personality and philosophy that fit you and your personality. If you don’t connect with your coach, it really doesn’t matter how long the program is or how many sessions you have with her. You won’t enjoy the process and you won’t get the results you want.

Read her website, follow her on social media and sign up for an initial call to have a conversation--and make sure you feel comfortable and heard.

Look at the Programs

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of prospective coaches to a few, look at the programs they offer. You’ll want to know if the programs and outcomes are aligned with your goals. Some programs and coaches focus on mindset, sales, growth or systems. If you know where you need help, you’re going to want to find someone who can work with you toward your goal.

I recommend looking at testimonials and talking to a few current or former clients to find out where they saw the most results.

Look at Your Schedule

Signing up for a coaching program isn’t going to do a lot of good if you don’t have the space in your calendar for the meetings and the homework. (Here’s a tip: MAKE space in your calendar!) Compare your prospective coach’s availability with your own and make sure the times align. Also take stock of your personal calendar. Look at vacations planned, business trips scheduled, etc.

Start with a Trial Coaching Session

Many coaches offer a short initial session so you can get to know one another and dive into what the coach can do for you. Narrow your list of prospects to no more than three and take them up on that initial session. No matter if you gel with the coach or not, you’re sure to get a fresh perspective and forward momentum for that call.

From there, you’re ready to make an informed decision about which coaching program is best for you. Because you’ve done your homework and really thought through the process, I’m confident you’ll make the right call. If you’re interested in chatting with me to see how I can help you, let’s book an Icebreaker!

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