What I did to build my business in the last year

building my business over the course of a year- erin garcia business coach

One of the most important ways to build your business is by doing what works for you, rather than what the rest of the crowd is doing.

That’s exactly why I made some changes last year--because some of the things I was doing weren’t working for me. I wasn’t seeing results or just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. And that gave me the space to try new things and grow my marketing in other ways.

So what changes did I make last year to grow my business and feel more aligned with myself and my clients?

What I Stopped Doing

I wasn’t seeing many results with Twitter, and frankly I didn’t enjoy using it. My clients weren’t there anyway, so I let that social media platform go. It was an easy change, and looking back I’m so glad I stopped using Twitter.

I also stopped attending in-person networking events, which was a little more difficult to let go of. I’ve been a part of multiple local networking groups for years and though I’m an introvert I see the value of getting out there and talking to people in person. Some of the groups I’ve been in had a mastermind component, a speaker and often the same groups of women each time. This worked well and I loved it, but I started to find that they weren’t working for me any longer. My business had grown and I priced myself out of some of the participants’ price range. Other groups lacked the deep connections I craved, so I moved my focus elsewhere.

What I Started Doing

With all the time I got back from what I stopped doing, I was able to start doing a lot of things that got me more visitors to my website and more interaction on social media. Of course, this all resulted in more quality referrals and more clients!

I focused on SEO, which included blogging more, including backlinks on my posts and developing more quality (static) content for my website.
I posted more on Google+, but focused on SEO rather than trying to be social.
I pinned more on Pinterest.
I collected video testimonials from clients and video reflections from clients about their sessions.
I changed out my Facebook cover image once or twice a month to showcase something specific and paired the call to action button to it.
I ran Facebook ads more consistently, driving more traffic to my initial session and my Facebook page.
I started attended a monthly mastermind to better my own craft and grow my mindset.

What I Gave Another Try

Sometimes we let things go in our businesses because they’re not serving us at the moment. But later, we might find that we’re ready to give it another try. This is where I found myself with Instagram. I stopped using it a while back because my clients at the time weren’t really using it. A few months ago, I discovered that many of my clients were using Instagram to share both business and personal.

As a result, I reactivated my Instagram account so I could keep in touch with them more and learn more about their lives behind the business. I don’t share much there right now, aside from photos of my cutie pooches. But you never know what the future might hold!

What I Continued Doing

Of course, there are a lot of things that worked in my business in previous years that I continued doing.

I requested written testimonials from clients. Social proof is a great way to show prospective clients that you get results for the people you work with. The testimonials on my website, on Google and on LinkedIn speak volumes for the work I’ve done over the years.
I asked for referrals from current clients, because you’re not going to get what you want and need if you don’t ask!
I continued posting on my Facebook page regularly because that’s where the majority of my audience hangs out.
I learned more about Facebook ads, which is something that benefits both me and my clients.

Moving from one year of business to the next is about reflecting and adjusting so you’re on track with your goals and moving yourself in a way that’s comfortable for you.

I’m curious...What are you looking at doing different this year? Anything you plan to change or stop doing?

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