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Hey There!  Coach Erin here to welcome you to my blog.

Welcome to Coach Erin's blog - blog title

I love that you found me and do hope you’ll take some time to browse around my little piece of the internet where I:
- share inspiring ideas
- break down big business concepts
- share my own authentic self
- even dive into a coaching a little

But, before we get to browsing a ground -- here are a few things to note about my blog.

1. My Blogs Are Not Advice:

Everything I share is simply a perspective.

Nothing on my blog is intended to be a hard-and-fast rule. There is nothing on here that MUST be implemented in order to achieve success.

I’m under no illusion that I have some key secret of magical wisdom that makes your business into a massive money machine and you into the worlds #1 business owner.

2. I don’t write blogs so you’ll follow me.

STOP! Don’t do it! Don’t do anything because Coach Erin does it or Coach Erin says to do it.

Following me and doing it like me -- gives me your power. I don’t want it! I want you to be an empowered business owner. A business owner who is confident to make her own decisions.

Yes,be inspired. Sure, take a great idea and make it your own. Just don’t follow me or choose to do something simply because I do it or you heard me say it works.

Deciding how to run your business is NOT my job. That’s your job. And, I believe in your ability to do just that. I know YOU GOT THIS!

3. I’m not a business role model or entrepreneurial superhero. I’m a coach.

I see my job as that of a guide. Someone who guides my clients toward making empowered decisions. Someone who asks powerful coaching questions. To provide you with a solid understanding of business. To guide you within that structure so you can craft your own model of business.

Hopefully you’re starting to see that questions are my space of expertise. That’s why many of my posts are “Thought Sparkers.” Blogs where I ask you questions. Questions that are often hard to answer. Questions you don’t immediately know the answer to. Sometimes these questions are ones you don’t even want to answer because they make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they even lead you to an answer you’re afraid to admit.

It’s okay not to know the answer. That just means it’s a great coaching question. It caused you to stop and ponder. It means I’m doing my job. You have to get really honest with yourself. The journey to the answer is what gives the answer value.

4. It’s harder for me to write a blog than you might think.

It really would be easier if I just consulted women on business instead of coached them to build their own business. It’s so much easier to say here are the 10 secrets you must know. Do this, this and this. Follow these steps and your business will start attracting clients like crazy. But -- that’s not how I work.

I’m not a consultant. I am a coach. And I realize that my blogs (no matter how awesome I think they are) will only scratch the surface.

We can only go so deep for our own selves. That’s why coaching is so powerful. It takes you below your surface answers. It moves you beyond your initial thoughts. It pulls you to dive deeper. It gets to the root and cuts right to the reality.

So, if these blogs start to overwhelm you or cause confusion or self doubt, stop reading them. Unsubscribe. I certainly don’t want my sharing to start or expand a negative cycle. That only makes my job as a coach harder. It means there are more layers of self doubt to get through. More blocking your success rather than fueling your success.

5. I want my blog to be an empowering and positive experience.

It’s my intention that this space is a place where you and other women business owners can gain both personal development and business momentum; a small positive gem along your business adventure.

If you find it to be such, let me know. I love hearing from those reading my blog. Of course, if you’d like, schedule an Icebreaker with me. Let’s connect further. Let’s dive in and explore how coaching can be a value for you and your business.

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