Uniquely Me: Coach Erin

Most of us in business have been told we should know what makes us unique. What is it that makes you different than the others in your industry?

So, I decided to spend some time and ponder -- what is it that makes me unique?

Here's just a few things I believe are unique about me as a business coach:

  • I work full time in my business and have since 2006.
  • I work from my home office.
  • Majority of my clients work from a home office.
  • Majority of the women I coach own their own unique service based, product/event enhanced business where the majority of their income comes from being in direct service to their clients.
  • My clients don't have, nor do they ever see having, large teams of employees.  They might have an assistant, hire an accountant or even have someone help them out with website or content marketing, but having a team just leaves them saying "no".
  • I don't work with thousands of clients a year in groups, workshops or seminars. Rather, I work with a hefty handful of women individually, face-to-face (in person or via the phone/internet) I do also work with a small handful of women through my Sparks Mastermind Community.
  • I don't have a preset cookie cutter system that I teach or train you to use. Instead, I utilize the proven technique of coaching for creating confidence, clarity, structure and systems that build an energetically sustainable and structurally sound business that is uniquely YOURS.
  • My approach to coaching is not a one size fits all, it's not even a one size fits most. Each client who coaches with me gains a customized, individualized and tailored coaching program.
  • When working with my clients I hold a multi-tiered focus on you, your life and your business. This ensures that you create a business that integrates smoothly with your life and enhances your natural strengths, talents and knowledge.
  • I 100% believe that stretching your comfort zone moves you closer to your success zone. I do not however believe that stretching your integrity zone creates success. So, we will be sure to clearly define both your comfort zone (which I call you're "normal zone") and your integrity zone.  I also don't believe in pushing you outside your personality zone as I've found it usually creates less momentum and more self criticism which only stagnates success.
  • When things cause you nervousness or fear I will move you through it so that it does not hold you back. When things create an icky, sticky and manipulative feeling, I will work with you to find a new more integrity-filled route to create the desired result.
  • I combine the power of coaching, facilitation, intuition and creative thinking to gain you the easiest, most efficient and effective route to achieve that which you desire.
  • I am straight forward, down to earth and a "tell it like it is" creative solution innovator. No fluff that makes you feel good but doesn't move you forward here.

What's uniquely you?

Take some time and come up with your own list -- then share it with your audience!



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