Top Tips to Spring Clean Your Business–Any Time of Year

Top Tips to Spring Clean Your Business–Any Time of Year by coach erin garcia

Running a business is hard, especially if you’re feeling muddled down by an overflowing inbox, systems that don’t serve where you are in business right now or a customer list that’s not quite up-to-date.

No matter what time of year it is, take some time to do some spring cleaning in your business. Clean up old files. Check in on goals. Review expenses. Whether it’s a monthly practice, something you tackle every quarter or even yearly, having a clean slate helps to open up space in your business and your life for new opportunities and growth.

Put a few hours or a full day on your calendar and clean up some of these core pieces of your business:

  • Do a goal check. Take a look at the goals you set for your business for this month/quarter/year and identify what you’ve done to move yourself closer to those goals (and what you may yet need to accomplish). This is also a good time to revisit those goals and make changes, if necessary.
  • Audit your marketing. Are your marketing systems working for you? Is your audience growing? It might be time to change things up a bit and try something new. Possibly direct mail, a new Facebook strategy or visiting with a new networking group.
  • Clean up services and products. Technology changes rapidly, and it’s important to take a look at how you’re creating and delivering your services and products. Look for new ways to deliver what you do to your customers so you can be more efficient and relevant to your target market.
  • Purge your list. Do you have people on  your customer list who you no longer serve? Are email subscribers ignoring your emails? When we niche down, it’s very possible to narrow our focus so much that we no longer serve (or appealing to) certain audience members. Bless and release them so you can focus on the people who you do serve.
  • Clean up your files. It’s easy for computer files to spiral out of control, especially as you work with clients and plan upcoming projects. Take a few moments to archive files of clients you no longer work with and organize files of any projects you’ve finished up. And if you work with physical files, give those a purge too.
  • Update collateral materials. If you’re like many business owners, you’re often tinkering with your website messaging and look. Take a look at any collateral material you have and your social channels to ensure your links and message are consistent throughout.
  • Review agreements and understandings. As you grow as a business owner, you’ll likely shift and adjust your processes to be more efficient and to better meet the needs of your audience. Check the agreements and understandings (and contracts) you use and make sure any changes are reflected there.

Now that you’ve cleaned up your business, schedule a business date with yourself so you can perform these checks on a regular basis. Each time you do this, you’ll likely add to the list and your business will run more smoothly with each “spring” cleaning.

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