The Coach’s Cottage

The Coach’s Cottage (map here) is truly a metaphor for business ownership and the transformation that happens through coaching. Like the clients I coach, my home, The Coach’s Cottage, is ever-evolving and changing. It’s where all my in-person coaching sessions happen.  It's a comfortable space where you can just be you. 

The Coach’s Cottage is a cozy spot in North Central Phoenix.  (map here)

It welcomes you to relax, breathe deep and dive into the depths of who you are as a self-employed woman. Its comfortable atmosphere opens the doors to your mind as you shape the vision you hold for your business and develop a plan to get you there.

Image of The Coach's Cottage in June of 2002 and in April of 2016


Built in 1962 and in a steady state of remodel since my husband and I purchased it in 2002, The Cottage has been my home office since I opened my business in 2006. It is an integral partner in my coaching practice and its walls have listened in as women emerge as business owners who believe in their value and reveal their brilliance to the world by crafting their unique business.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll notice the mature orange and grapefruit trees are a depiction of the vintage citrus orchard that was here before The Cottage was built. This gives The Coach's Cottage a bit of an urban ranch feel while the colors and interior decor add a touch of a coastal sensation. I like to think of it as a “coastal farmhouse in the midst of an Arizona desert city.”
Orange tree at Coach Erin's Coach's Cottage in Phoenix, Arizona

As you walk through the door, you’ll notice the cheery colors and modern cottage charm mixed with the character of a 1960's home. True to my minimalist approach to life, the decor is simple, clean and uncluttered with just the right amount of personal mementos and decorative accents to keep it from feeling empty and uninspired.

Coach Erin's home-office decor inside The Coach's Cottage in Phoenix, Arizona

Out back, the large porch, full-grown trees and cool green grass provide a bliss-filled paradise. The perfect spot to enjoy a glass of iced tea and enjoy the birds and the whistle of the breeze floating by. Also, my favorite spot to write my blogs. (Like this one.)

Back porch of Coach Erin's Coach's Cottage in Phoenix, Arizona

  One staple at The Cottage is Buddy, a full-of-personality dog who greets everyone with a smile and a wagging tail. Buddy often sticks around for a bit at the beginning of a coaching session and once he realizes “Oh, they’re just gonna talk,” he quietly sneaks off for another nap. But the moment it’s time for you to head home, Buddy will once again come visit to say good-bye and eagerly await his chance to explore the front yard.

Coach Erin's Dog
Another staple at The Cottage is the ever-growing project list.

As any true remodel addict would, I scour Pinterest daily for inspiration, ideas and creative home solutions. It is not uncommon for the dinner table topic to be the next project or future ideas.

As much as my husband teases me about my “remodeling the remodel” and how much of a “pain in the a**” my ideas are, deep down he, too, is a remodeling addict. He spent many years in custom home building and remodeling and really does enjoy seeing our home evolve. He also is super excited that the kitchen remodel is moving closer to the top of the list as he loves cooking and, truth be told, does all the cooking in the house. (Yes, I am spoiled and I know it.)

We have found that working together on the house has been a great bonding activity and the more projects we work on together, the stronger our marriage becomes.

Coach Erin's current home-office and mock up picture of future Coach's Cottage in Phoenix, Arizona

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