The Power of Content, and of Lists, to Inspire

The Power of Content, and of Lists, to Inspire business owners- erin garcia

Content, content, content! It’s a huge topic of conversation, and often that conversation centers on how to create more of it, more often.

There’s a huge reason for that. There’s no content marketing plan if there’s no content to put out in some format to reach your current and potential customers. That makes it kind of tough to sell, doesn’t it?

I truly believe that blog content is a powerful thing.  It offers many benefits for service providers, in ways that may not be so obvious. Those benefits include:

Higher ranking in search engines:

This comes thanks to blogging efforts, if the content has been optimized properly, using the appropriate keywords, using them naturally and writing high quality content.

Broad usability and flexibility:

The content you create can be used in a variety of ways. You can post on multiple social media platforms, on your own website via your blog, use a link to it on your newsletter, or link through others’ newsletters. There are so many ways you could use your content! Once you’ve created the content, you can format it in many different ways. From blogs to videos, Facebook posts to Facebook Live segments, podcasts and more.

Ability to connect with your audience:

Showing your knowledge, tips, and perspective can make it easier to form strong connections. Stepping outside of your business knowledge, and sharing more of who you are as a person outside of your business can be powerful, if you do it the right way.


Unlike more “traditional” marketing methods, content is easy to share. No one is going to clip an article from the newspaper and send it via the U.S. Postal Service to friends or family members thousands of miles away. But, they will copy and paste a blog URL into an email or share though a social media account.


Coach Erin writing blogs for women business owners


I have a "gut guess" that you're possibly feeling a touch of frustration building -- “Ok, okay! We get that content marketing is good, possibly even amazing,” you say. “But what the heck do I write about?

I get you. It took me nine years in business before I published my first blog post. It took me another year before I published a few more. Finally, in my 11th year of business, I’m blogging on a regular basis. And guess what? I’m not pulling my hair out. I’m not spending hours in front of a blank computer screen stressing out about what to write. I’m not sure when the shift happened. I only know it happened. It seems like creating content ideas is now easier for me (trust me, I’m still in a bit of disbelief myself).

So, since I’ve experienced the positive impact of content marketing in my business and I’ve seen my clients have success with it too, I figure why not share my knowledge and help you out too?

Here’s what I came up with, sitting on my back porch. It’s a list of 18 lists of things you can create content from (blogs, videos, Facebook live content, It might even inspire a little Instagram action)!


 18 Lists of 18 Things to Inspire your Writing


Many of these are more personal in nature, and may have to be adapted for service or product based businesses, but there’s still something to be said for the occasional personal post, even for more serious businesses.

18 Things You Love About What You Do.

Only you know what you love about what you do. When you share that, you put your own spin on your field and share positive energy. This list may also re-energize you if you find that you’ve hit a motivation slump.

18 Myths about Working with An Expert.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there, whether intentional or not, and this list is an opportunity to share what you know to be true about your industry. This is a great list to help your positioning in your industry.  

 18 Fun and Funny Facts about You:

This is a way to connect with people on a more personal level. People like to know about those they do business with. It satisfies natural human curiosity.

18 Characteristics of Clients You Love to Work With:

Not only does this kind of list tell your audience more about your ideal client, but it also helps you gain clarity about the kind of client who lights you up and makes you love your work.

18 Benefits of Working with You:

Highlight what your clients get out of their relationship with you. This provides a deeper understanding and could help to draw more clients in.

18 One-line Client Success Stories:

This one can be a little challenging. But, it’s a fabulous way to cheer on your clients and again, show some of the benefits of working with you.

18 Goals Your Clients Achieve When Working with You:

If someone’s on the fence about working with you, turning it around and making it about what they’ll achieve, what they’ll gain, can be a powerful motivator. That’s why this blog post focuses so much on topics like that.

18 Reasons Your Clients Hire You:

This one is less about your clients and more about you. It shows off the way you help your clients to achieve the things they’ve done in #7, and can give a glimpse into the mindset of current and former clients.

18 of Your Favorite Tools and Resources:

This can be for your industry or things you use in your business and life. Who doesn’t like to learn about new tools and resources that they can use to succeed? These kinds of lists help people to make their lives easier, if they implement the things in the lists.

18 Things on Your Personal Bucket List:

This is another list that can help people learn more about you and to connect on a deeper level.

18 Things You’ve Discovered about You:

This can be either personal or business related, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

18 Movies You Love and Why:

Who doesn’t love movies? Everyone I know is interested in getting recommendations about movies they haven’t seen. 

18 Things You’ve Done That People Would Never Guess:

This is the kind of post that helps someone break out of their shell, or to dash the preconceived notions that others might have of you. 

 18 Favorite Books and What Each Taught You, Or What Enjoyment They Provided You:

I think of this one as another resource sharing post. Whether you write about books that helped you in business or in your personal life, they made an impact. Why not share that?

18 Favorite Quotes and What They Mean To You:

This could be a deeply personal post; sharing favorite quotes can often show readers another side of you.

18 Pictures Of You Growing Up:

Tell your story. Let your readers know who you are and how some of your life experiences shaped you, and shaped your business.

18 Places You’ve Visited (With Pictures of You There) or 18 Places You Want to Visit:

Honor your past, plan for your future. If you enjoy travel, or dream of becoming a jet-setter, this sort of post can really re-energize you and entertain your audience.

18 Ways You’d Spend $1,000:  

Whether you have a serious side or a playful one, this could be a fun way to plan, or to dream. How would you spend an extra $1,000?


Go ahead, give it a shot! One thing I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter if I think it’s going to be “hugely wonderful awesome content.” What matters is that I start writing. And then, I’m often amazed at how good the content is, or by the other content ideas I get just because I started writing.

You got this! Give it a try. Pick one list and see how you do!

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