Kelsa Dickey Testimonial

Coach Erin has helped me, but also a number of my clients, to clarify the path to take our businesses and also make more money. She’s extremely creative and helps you to feel creative too. She’s  action-oriented and driven by results which I love. She has such a fabulous balance between these two traits and it makes her an amazing coach. Erin's positive and upbeat but also honest and candid when she needs to be. Coach Erin truly wants to see her clients succeed and helps them to do so.

Erin, I am so grateful to you. I love my business & what I do everyday but the busier I got, the more stressed I felt. You really helped me to transform my services in a way that satisfies the needs of my clients while balancing what I needed too! The change brought about  MORE TIME and LESS STRESS – which was the goal entirely! I look ahead at my calendar and I’m excited to finally have the energy, time and mental capacity to work on all the projects I’ve wanted to accomplish this past year but kept getting pulled away. I have a sense of pride in my business that I had started to lose without even realizing it. How do I even begin to say thank you for what you’ve given me? It seems impossible. THANK YOU!”

Kelsa Dickey - Phoenix, Arizona, Fiscal Fitness

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