Ten Things Climbing A Mountain With Hubby Taught Me About Business, Goals And Being A Leader

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The length of the journey does not matter.

The duration of the hike does not matter. What matters is having a clear destination and staying motivated to get there.

At the start, it’s common to think you need a plan.

You may think you need a plan for the whole climb. But really, you only need a plan for the first part. When you reach that first milestone, stop and rest a moment. Create a plan for the next milestone. As you move up the mountain your perspective may shift. You may see things differently. You may have a new perspective on the outcome. Don't waste time at the beginning planning for the end. Take one step at a time.

Celebrate along the way.

There will be times when you reach your planned marker. You’ll likely feel better than when you reached your previous marker. Don't just pass this new rock. Don’t just keep moving toward the next rock (or marker.) Stop at each goal. Celebrate! Take in the view. Enjoy right where you are.

Always have someone with you.

Climb with someone who believes in you. Even when you don't believe in yourself. Rely on their belief in you. Allow it to keep you in forward motion.

Pay attention to who you bring with you.

Is it someone whose insights you trust? Are they more experienced than you? Do they have skills and/or knowledge you don’t have? Are they someone who has studied what it is you want to do? If so, then trust their instincts. Trust they are putting you in a zone of optimum success.

Small steps make the journey easier.

It takes much more energy to pull your entire body weight all at once. Don’t discount the small steps as less valuable. It’s the small steps that allow you to maintain a “good pace.”

Keep your body angle aligned in the direction you want to go.

Allow momentum to move you. Lean in instead of fighting against it.

Everyone has their own journey.

There will be some who run right past you.  Others who move just ahead of you. Then there will be some who only get so far and turn back. Pay attention to your journey. Allow others their journey. Comparing your journey to others’ will only lessen the value of your journey.

Keep your head up.

Keep looking around. When you focus in on one particular spot your mind begins to loose focus. You can forget to appreciate your journey. If you "zone out" and your momentum is lost, your journey comes to a complete stop.

When you allow someone to lead you, you are not the only vulnerable one.

The leader is also vulnerable. They open themselves up to being a responsible party in your successes AND your failures. It takes incredible courage for the leader. It’s a risk for them to join forces with you and use their talents, skills, knowledge and experience to move you forward. Value them. Appreciate them. Be grateful for having them on your journey.

If you think these don't apply to your
business journey,
read them again because they 100% do.

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