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Coach Erin's One Word - blog title

Coach Erin’s One Word Experience

Have you ever heard about choosing ONE WORD to focus on during your New Year? I never knew others were doing it and I don’t know where it originated but I have heard through Facebook Groups that Danielle LaPorte has a free workbook (or something of the like) that can guide you through to finding…

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Steps to build your own business - blog title

Steps To Build Your Own Business

9 Steps To Building Your Own Business step 1: Clear Vision It is important to have a clear vision of what you want your business and life to look like so you can easily integrate them to craft the life you desire. step 2: Mission A mission is something that you likely will not achieve on your…

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Law of attraction for business - blog title

Law of Attraction for Business

5 quick ideas for using the Law of Attraction in your business   1.  Go through your calendar Mark down potential client appointments on specific days and times. 2.  Use the Law of Attraction in your passwords You’re logging into sites all the time, so use that time to attract new clients.  For example, “3newclients” or…

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