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The power clarity and a vision in your business - blog title

The Power of Clarity And Vision in Your Business

Having a vision for our business is essential. It helps guide us and allows us to really target our business and its message to the right audience. It’s something we can build on and grow into. But we don’t need to have a clear vision to start a business. And we don’t need to have…

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Why I believe personal branding is the best when it comes to naming your business

Why I believe personal branding is the best

Coming up with a business name can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, one of my favorite ways to name your business is to simply use your own name. This has become an increasingly popular answer to the naming challenge. When you use your name as your business name, your…

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Too many strategies could mean disaster - blog title

Too Many Strategies Could Mean Disaster

I am a HUGE believer in doing one thing until you figure it out to the depths before trying to add something else. I see too many women business owners trying to do every marketing strategy and idea they know of all at once and 99% of the time they are saying ” it isn’t…

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