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Using the Awesome List for Business Momentum

I’m a big believer in celebrating. In recognizing the awesome things that happen each week so we can see the forward momentum we’re making in our business and our life. We don’t have to accomplish huge things to move forward. It’s the little things, over time, that make the biggest impact. Years ago, while home…

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Your business and mercury retrograde - blog title

Mercury Retrograde

You’ve likely heard me talk about Mercury Retrograde and how it impacts my business and my life. The truth is, I used to be a non-believer. I thought it was all woo-woo stuff; nothing I needed to concern myself with. But then I started to see the correlation between Mercury Retrograde and the craziness that…

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self care for women business owners - blog title

Self Care for Women Business Owners

Self-care is much like home care and car care.  It is necessary to keep you running smoothly physically, mentally and spiritually. There are things we all do to take care of our home: cleaning, repairing, etc. There are things we do to take care of our cars: changing the oil, filling the tank, rotating tires, etc.…

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