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6 Tips: Find your online voice - blog title

6 Tips: Find Your Online Voice

guest post from Abby M. Herman, Write Solutions   From website copy to social media posts to video content, we are inundated with information every day. It’s hard for business owners to stand out. Developing a clear, distinctive voice can help capture your ideal audience and keep them coming back for more. But what is…

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Passion to Profit- blog title

Passion To Profit

Four steps to help you turn your passions into a profitable business and a value to others. Step 1: List and Review List all of your passions, skills, talents, knowledge and experience – include any hobbies too. – EDUCATION: degrees, certifications, trainings attended, etc. – LIFE EXPERIENCE: parenting, living on a budget, traveling, etc -…

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Creating an engaging blog post - blog title

Creating an Engaging Blog Post

Guest Blog By: Anne McAuley, McAuley Freelance   Creating an engaging blog post is a great way to showcase your business. The latest Google update made it even more important to be adding content to websites. The sites with useful content being added on a regular basis will rank higher in search engine results. Where…

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