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Welcome to my Coach Erin blog title

Welcome To My Blog

Hey There!  Coach Erin here to welcome you to my blog. I love that you found me and do hope you’ll take some time to browse around my little piece of the internet where I: – share inspiring ideas – break down big business concepts – share my own authentic self – even dive into…

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When to Hire a Coach: One Client's Perspective

When to Hire a Coach: A Client’s Perspective

guest post by Abby Herman, Write Solutions   You’ve been working in your business for a while but haven’t seen any growth. You’re frustrated with the advice your partner or family members are giving you about how to run your business. You feel like you’re working more than ever, but your bottom line doesn’t show…

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Why hire a business coach - blog title

Why Women Hire A Business Coach?

5 reasons women hire a business coach: 1. You’re sitting there by yourself with thousands of ideas and what-ifs and they are only amplifying things like fear, self-doubt, uncertainty. Hiring a coach allows you to get the ideas and what-ifs out onto paper where you can sort through them, define steps to implement or release them,…

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