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Why choose coach erin as your business coach - blog title

Why Choose Erin as Your Coach

Choosing a business coach can be difficult, especially with so many coaches out there. Ask for recommendations in any Facebook group and you’re bound to get 40 or more responses. I’m active in Facebook groups but not as active as some. And while I respect other coaches’ online marketing, that’s not really my style. So…

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Are you the right coach for me?

Are you the right business coach for me?

I’m the right coach for you if you want to: – be pushed – have challenging assignments – develop plans and solutions on the spot – squeeze in as much as possible in 90-min – have new perspectives and possibilities shared with you I’m the right coach for you if you’re comfortable: – going with…

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Business coaching: What is it and what does it look like

With coaching being a non-regulated industry, there are likely many answers to the question, “What does a coach actually do?” as each coach has their own unique style, approach and philosophy. One coach can lean more toward consulting: a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area while another coach’s style could best be…

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