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Finding your business niche - blog title

Finding Your Niche

Because I pride myself on having a specific niche, I’m often asked if, when I started my business, I had a clear vision of who I wanted to work with and where I wanted to make my mark. Having a specific niche is something that helps me focus my marketing but, more importantly, it helps…

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How to grow the business of your dreams

Have you ever stopped to reflect on your life and thought, “Yep. My life is exactly as I imagined it would be”? Likely the answer is a big, “No.” Does that make you a failure, that your life hasn’t turned out how you imagined it as a little girl? Absolutely not. It means that you’ve…

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Free coaching sessions: why I don't offer them - blog title

Why I don’t offer a free coaching sessions

In the coaching industry it has become common practice to offer free initial sessions. Most often these are called discovery sessions. The “behind the scenes” strategy to these sessions is to help you, the client, discover all the work you need to do on your life, business or other area the coach specializes in. Once…

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