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Welcome to my Coach Erin blog title

My Approach To Blogging

Hey There!  Coach Erin here to share with you my approach to blogging. I love that you found me and do hope you’ll take some time to browse around my little piece of the internet where I: – share inspiring ideas – break down big business concepts – share my own authentic self – even…

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Make blogging easier - blog title

Make Blogging Easier

A few ideas to make blogging easier for women business owners. 1. Clarify The Why Knowing why you’re blogging makes it easier to do.  Often times we begin things because we heard from “others” that it’s important for our business, yet we don’t often take the time to clarify why we’re really doing it. Knowing…

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Creating an engaging blog post - blog title

Creating an Engaging Blog Post

Guest Blog By: Anne McAuley, McAuley Freelance   Creating an engaging blog post is a great way to showcase your business. The latest Google update made it even more important to be adding content to websites. The sites with useful content being added on a regular basis will rank higher in search engine results. Where…

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