Tabitha Dumas Coaching Testimonial

Several months ago, I was feeling overwhelmed with running what I thought were two different businesses. I had separate social media accounts and blogs for each and even two different business cards. I felt disjointed and confused and knew that I needed an outsider’s perspective to get me unstuck.

I had heard good things about Coach Erin from few trusted friends so I attended her event in February. The exercises we did combined with her keen insights and upbeat personality convinced me that I needed to add Erin to my team. I came to our session hoping for some guidance and a new direction but what I got was that and so much more.

Erin helped me figured out why I felt the need to combine the two things I was doing into one cohesive package. She also worked with me to get to the heart of what I actually do for the people I’ve already worked with successfully. She helped me get a bird’s eye view of what I offer and a new way to talk about it with other people. The best word to describe what I got out of the session was “clarity.”

I knew what I loved to do and who I loved to work with—but she gave me a new framework for it, which was incredibly valuable. Not long after, I taught a class and—based on what Erin and I had talked about—presented the “what I do” portion of the talk for the first time using the new framework of being an “Image and Influence Consultant.” As a result, I booked two consultations and they both fit my ideal client profile!

I also updated some of my marketing copy and have started working on an editorial calendar and product offerings based on what Erin and I came up with and I can hardly wait to implement them! Already, I’m attracting the right people and doing more of the work I truly love.

For people like me who live in their own head, it’s critical to get an outside perspective sometimes to stay on track and Erin is a genius at that. I already scheduled another coaching session for this week and look forward to gaining even more focus and continuing to build on my new business framework.

Thanks, Erin, for helping me keep the momentum going in my business!

Tabitha Dumas - Gilbert, Arizona - Image & Influence Consultant

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