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Moving women and businesses powerfully forward and upward

The SURGE program fuses together:

  • private coaching
  • a mastermind group
  • a business owner support club
  • a referral network

The Surge Program is built on 3 core beliefs:

1. uncertainty, overwhelm and frustration are indicators of growth, not failure

2. if two heads are better than one, imagine the power of three or more

3. we grow by teaching and we learn by listening

The SURGE Philosophy is:

You don't have to make every decision and solve every problem by yourself.

    • That's a lot of unnecessary psychological weight that could be weighing (slowing) your business down.

As women, we naturally need to verbally process through ideas and situations.

    • And the skill of being able to talk and listen to ourselves at the same time is a nearly impossible task.

We can all use help, no matter the stage of our business.

    • Organizing our time, dealing with clients, coming up with marketing ideas and staying accountable to taking action: it's a lot to deal with and something new is around every corner. Stop wasting time and depleting your energy going around  and around only to find yourself in the same spot you started.

Witnessing the struggle and growth of others changes us.

    • We avoid potential pitfalls by learning our lessons through the experiences of others. We become better clients and customers when we see things from the other side. We value the skills and knowledge of other professions and industries when we understand them more. We feel inspired when others achieve what we thought was not possible.

Ignite, Sustain and Improve
Your Business Momentum with SURGE!

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Here's What To Expect From Your SURGE Program:

  • Accountability for taking action towards your goals

  • An outside perspective on your situation

  • The support you need to make progress

  • Resource and knowledge sharing

  • Feedback on your ideas to ensure they are sound

  • A focus group for you to tests things out

  • Increased speed in momentum


details of each item included in each coaching track below


  • private coaching (60-min)
  • group coaching
  • group co-working session
  • online community forum
  • online resource hub
  • BYOB Video Coaching Modules


BYOB Coaching Modules

Self-Paced Video Coaching

The Build.Your.Own.Business & Be.Your.Own.Boss coaching video modules will take you from A-Z of developing a solid business that has the flexibility for growth built-in.

Each module consists of a video coaching/training and a hands-on activity to help you turn to knowledge into an implemented idea for your business.

Modules Include:

  1. Defining Your Niche
  2. Uncovering Your Why
  3. Drafting Your Story
  4. Business and Your Personality Type
  5. Ideal Schedule Planning
  6. Service Pricing & Budget Design
  7. Areas of Expertise and Knowledge Zones
  8. Content Catalog Creation
  9. Service Program Development
  10. Crafting Your Brand Architecture
  11. Marketing Routines & Systems
  12. Client Communication & Boundaries
  13. Business Management & Operations
  14. Mindest For Solo-preneurs

Private Sessions

30 and 60 minute customized individual coaching sessions

Each month we will focus on what you need to move your business forward. This can include:
- creating or adjusting services
- preparing for a price increase
- integrating more automation
-maintaining a strong business mindset

In addition, you have the option to schedule additional 60-min private coaching sessions. These sessions are helpful to dive deeper into business challenges, create a new process or system, work on a pricing structure, etc.

Each session is customized to you and what your needs are. During the session, I will type session notes and create any coaching activities/forms/etc necessary to move you forward. Recording of the sessions is also available upon request.

Private Coaching Sessions are available Tuesday-Friday 9am-3pm PST/PDT.

Monthly Planning Session

90 minutes of individualized planning in a group setting

At the end of each month, you will meet with me, Coach Erin, in a group setting to create a game-plan for the coming month. I will help you create a customized system for planning your business growth, marketing, client care, personal development, etc.

You will also have the opportunity to see how other business owners are planning their months. This way you can not only gain new perspectives, but you can also be inspired and maybe feel that often needed "kick-in-the-pants" to stay motivated and taking action.

Weekly Group Coaching

individualized coaching, group mastermind, community celebrations and personal accountability check-in

Individualized coaching mixed with group coaching, mastermind conversations, personal celebrations, and accountability.

Each week you'll have the opportunity to:
- share what you're working on
- get coaching and support on challenges
- ask for ideas and suggestions
- be inspired by other business owners
- expand your business knowledge
- strengthen your mindset
- be introduced to new resources

Co-Working Session

90-min focused on getting your stuff done and off the to-do list

Join me, Coach Erin, and the other women business owners in the Surge Program for 90+minutes of focus, accountability and productivity. Jump on the video call and get to work. You'll share what you're going to be working on, get to work and report back on your progress. Plus, Coach Erin for needed in-the-moment laser coaching.

Taking time to work on our business is key to our growth and success. But, it's not always the easiest to do when you're busy with all your clients. Yet, when we have an appointment on our calendar, it tends to happen. Imagine what you could get done in 90 minutes focused on your business.

Forum & Resource Hub

Resources, Support, Education, Collaboration and Motivation

Have an idea you want to test? Post it in the forum and the group will test it.

Not sure how to handle a client situation? Share it with the group and ask them if they've run into similar situations and how they handled it. It helps to know you're not the only one and to see it from different perspectives.

Not having the greatest of days? We get it. We have those days too. Let us support you through virtual high-fives and reminders of the growth we've seen in you.

The Resource Hub includes but is not limited to:

  • social media tutorials
  • client agreement templates
  • client questionnaire examples
  • acuity scheduling video tutorials
  • active campaign use examples
  • goal setting worksheets
  • marketing planning sheets

Coaching with Erin is like having someone who understands what you are and are not saying. She is so creative and has the ability to see the whole picture and set up the steps to get you there. Paulette - Reno, Nevada

A Few Common Questions:

Who is The Surge Program for?

Moms, wives and women who are starting, actively operating or growing a business where they provide services and solutions directly to clients using their own skills, knowledge and experience.

Do I have to attend the community events and do the private coaching?

No. You can customize your program to what works best for you and your business. Some women attend all of the events, schedule their 30-min coaching and add on additional private sessions. Others only attend the events. And then some only use the private coaching sessions.

There are no discounts or refunds for private coaching sessions or community events missed -- you can review the full program agreements here.

How do I know I'll get along with the other business owners?

While I can't guarantee you'll love everyone, I can tell you that since I started coaching in 2006, 96% of my clients have been introverts, so it's safe to bet that the women in the Surge program are likely introverts. Doesn't mean if your an extrovert the program isn't for you -- it's just likely you'll be the minority.

I also find that most of my clients (including those in Surge) are women who:

- are more likely to choose a day at the lake or beach over an all inclusive spa

day at a luxury resort

- set family as one of our top (if not our #1) priority

- often are dressed professionally from the waist up and wearing pajamas from the waist down (go ahead, admit it's true.)

Probably more important is do your goals align with their goals. If you're wanting to generate as much money as you can without negatively impacting you and your families lifestyle while also making a difference in the lives of others, it's likely you're a lot like the other women in the program.

What type of businesses does the Surge program work well with?

  • content marketing
  • estate planning
  • coaching
  • consulting
  • copy-writing
  • personal styling
  • digital marketing
  • accounting/CPA
  • professional organizing
  • website design
  • graphic design
  • photography
  • landscaping/garden care
  • productized services
    (services in the form of products)
  • informational/inspirational/education products

If you're transforming your skills, knowledge and experiences into services or products, the Surge program is likely a good fit for you.

What results can I expect?

  • attract better clients
  • increase income
  • save time and money
  • fewer client challenges
  • greater satisfaction in business and life
  • integrate new service programs
  • more efficient systems
  • referral of potential clients

When are the community events scheduled for?

All events take place Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. I do my best to schedule all Surge events on different days and different times throughout the year to accommodate everyone's schedule as best I can. You can view the current schedule here.

Is the program refundable?

No, all coaching programs are non-refundable. You can review the complete agreements of understanding here.