Stop Offering “Specials” and Make MORE Money

I recently had a phone conversation with a client who was offering monthly specials and discounted packages for her services. We coached together for about five months and focused a lot on moving her toward not having "sales" or offering "discounted pricing". It was a struggle and a challenge for her to stop as she was afraid clients wouldn't pay her "full price" and then she wouldn't have any clients. Throughout the year she was challenged many times with financial lows and wanted to do a "sale" but held back. She kept up on tracking her income and her hours worked and --- here's what she had to say when we last spoke.

"I made $5,000 more this year than last year and my clients have paid an average of $8 more per hour than last year. I can't believe I kept putting this homework off and not wanting to look at "my books".... This is so exciting! I can't believe it took me that long to decide not to discount my services. These numbers don't lie, it's been better for my business AND I have also discovered that my price is not just about making more money, it's attracting more of my ideal clients too."

Are you struggling with the idea of no longer offering "sales" or "discounts"??? I hope this entrepreneurial woman's experience inspires you to move through that uncomfort and move yourself towards more and more success... Imagine what $5,000 more a year could do for you....YOU GOT THIS!!!

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