Steps To Build Your Own Business

9 Steps To Building Your Own Business


step 1: Clear Vision

It is important to have a clear vision of what you want your business and life to look like so you can easily integrate them to craft the life you desire.

step 2: Mission

A mission is something that you likely will not achieve on your own.  Rather, you will achieve a piece of it as it is so big and such a large problem that there is likely no way you alone will ever achieve this mission. Your mission will be the core of your company/business, it provides you and your business with clarity direction and focus.

step 3: Ideal Client Profile

Identifying your ideal client takes time, but in the long run it will save you time and create a better return on your financial investment in marketing. The clearer you are on who you service, the easier it becomes to market and attract your ideal client. Knowing your ideal client also makes it easier to work with them and simpler to create results.

If you currently are finding it challenging to write blog posts or social media updates it is a good idea to clarify your client a bit more as the more you know your client the easier it is to write marketing content.

step 4: Income Generators

An income generator is what you will do to generate income for your business. Many people believe that an income generator is the service they provide however, income generator is more likely to be how a service is provided versus the actual service being provided. An example of an income generator would include: in person services, virtual services, online services, workshops events, seminars, products, all of which can be done virtually and/or in person.

step 5: Purchase Opportunities

Purchase opportunities are the actual programs, packages, workshops, or products that your clients will purchase. Purchase opportunities are what would be listed on an itemized billing whereas income generators would not. Example: someone who offers seminars as an income generator might have a seminar titled "15 amazing seminar titles for entrepreneurial women". In this example seminars is the income generator and a seminar titled "15 amazing seminar titles for entrepreneurial women" is the actual purchase opportunity.

step 5.5: Tangibles

Tangibles are the options from which your client can choose when purchasing your opportunity.  This may include an option of a three-month or six-month program or it may mean they have the option of including e-mail support for an additional fee. Tangibles are what the package, program, product or event includes and can be bundled together to form different options.

step 6:  Pricing – Fees

Pricing and fees are the cost your clients will pay for your purchase opportunities as well as any payment arrangements you may choose to offer.

step 7: Core Marketing Message

A core marketing message combines your mission + your income generators + your ideal client. This core message is the base message and when combined with a specific purchase opportunity and pricing = a marketing message. You can even have multiple versions of marketing messages depending on which purchase opportunity and income generator you are wanting to market.

step 8: Marketing Vessel

A marketing vessel is what you will use to move your marketing messages out to the world. This may include Facebook, You Tube, email, print, TV, in-person, etc. This is the way in which you will communicate to your target market.

step 9: Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral is the tangible piece(s) that share your marketing message through your marketing vessel. This includes but is not limited to business cards, flyers, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, tweets, press releases, online newsletters, printed newsletters, TV commercials, website content, blog posts, etc.  These are the actual pieces of marketing content which you will pass through a larger marketing vessel.

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