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A momentum community for women business owners

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Do you ever:

- find yourself sidetracked or offtrack?
- question what to do next or which direction to go?
- run into problems you're not sure how to solve?

Do you find it easy to:

- stretch yourself beyond your current comfort zone?
- sort the good ideas from the not-so-good ones?
- do things you've never done before?
- talk to your spouse and family about your business?

You Are NOT Alone!

Being our own boss and running our own business is AWESOME -- most of the time.


But there are times when we find ourselves stuck, overwhelmed, out of motivation and questioning our ideas.

It's common to struggle to stay focused.
It's common to feel frantic, uncertain and lost.
It's easy to procrastinate when no one knows you're deadlines.

When your self-employed there can be times when something feels off but you can't pinpoint it and you're not sure what to do.

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Stop wasting hours, days, weeks and months on things that someone else already has the answer to.

Become a Sparks member and have an entire community of women to lean on and learn from.

We're ready to support you. We're ready to share our expertise and experiences with you.  And we want to learn from you too.

The 6 Pillars Of The Sparks Community

Move You and Your Business Forward!

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Mastermind Chats
2-3 per month

60-min of celebrating, idea generating and education. 


Accountability Circles
Meets Weekly

week 1: 90-min  monthly planning session
week 2-4: 15-min progress check-ins

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Productivity Meet-Ups
1-2 per month

jump on your computer and keep focused to get stuff done with video accountability

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Community Forum

24hr 7 days a week: get your questions answered, share your awesome news, reach out for support

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Learning Library

templates, guides, sample contracts, acuity scheduler and Facebook tutorials, affirmations and more

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Private Coaching Sessions
Scheduled As Needed

individualized one-on-one coaching sessions scheduled when you need them

Who is Sparks For?

  • membership is not available to network marketers, franchises, multi-level marketing companies or independent contractors.

Who are the community members?

Sparks members are from a variety of industries including but not limited to:

  • content marketing strategists
  • social media management
  • coaching
  • copy-writing
  • personal styling
  • creative technology

What can I expect?

  • wisdom sharing
  • ideas, advise and suggestions
  • new solutions and strategies
  • collaborations opportunities
  • strong relationships and friendships

Membership Options

Not sure which membership level is right for you?

Check out this video. I walk through each of the benefits with detail.

woman business owner and personal stylist Loren North

In the Sparks community you get masterminding and tons of “free” coaching. I love that Coach Erin always starts by asking us what is on our minds. Coach Erin always comes prepared with a "topic in her pocket" for us to mastermind around as well. The coaching guidance Erin gives us is so valuable. That is what I love about this group - the value is incredible for the price we pay - it's not just a mastermind group, it is also coaching.

I even took a red eye flight so I didn’t have to miss one of our community chats. Erin always gives us a LOT of useful information and I didn't want to miss any of it.

Through The Closet Door

Loren North

Personal Stylist in Phoenix, Arizona

Kelsa Dickey woman business owner client testimonial

I LOVE! I don't have to wonder how things are being received. Everyone understands that we have gripes and raves about what we do and they can change drastically from one minute to the next. It's really such a supportive and non-judgmental space and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for making it that way.

I'm always feel so fired up, motivated, clear and confident after the Sparks chats. Truly thankful for this group.

Fiscal Fitness

Kelsa Dickey

Money Coach in Mesa, Arizona

Abby Herman, Woman Business Owner - Write Solutions

Being a part Sparks has made me a better person. Every day, I think about how much I’ve changed personally as a result of coaching and being in this community. I can’t begin to tell you the changes I’ve seen and felt in myself!

Write Solutions

Abby Herman

Content Marketing Strategist and Coach in Phoenix, Arizona

email: erin@ecoacherin.com        phone: (602) 499-4825        photo credit: Crystal Clear Photography