Mastermind community with Coach Erin for business owners

Become part of a community of moms and wives supporting each other in doing what it takes to generate an income that supports our families.

When you become a member of Sparks, you'll be connect with women who:

  • willing share their skills, knowledge and expertise
  • have valuable advise, suggestions and wisdom
  • can troubleshoot challenges
  • provide you with solutions
  • introduce you to time saving tools
  • are hitting income levels higher than they expected
two women in a business partnership discussing marketing

Who is Sparks For?

  • membership is not available to network marketers, franchises, multi-level marketing companies or independent contractors.

What can I expect?

Expect to be:

  • inspired
  • supported
  • pushed
  • given feedback
  • collaborated with
  • held accountable
  • understood


Expect to gain:

  • resources
  • connections
  • ideas
  • solutions
  • progress
  • confidence
  • individualized attention


Expect to discuss:

  • client challenges
  • marketing myths
  • mindset struggles
  • sticky situations
  • business strategies
  • your business
  • your dreams


Expect to be introduced to:

  • different backgrounds
  • new, fresh and different perspectives
  • questions you didn't even realize you needed to be asking
  • tools for productivity and positive thinking
  • coaching activities that challenge, motivate and move you

Whose in the group?

Sparks members are from a variety of industries including but not limited to:

  • money management coaching
  • content marketing strategy
  • systems creation and management
  • estate and business planning law
  • registered dietitian nutritionist
  • professional organizing
  • aesthetics
  • women's wellness coaching
  • corporate wellness and leadership
  • creative technologies
  • copy-writing
  • personal styling
  • accounting
  • photography
  • equine coaching
  • social media management

What does membership include?

  • 2 Video Conference Community Chats per month
  • Monthly Sparks Productivity Sprints
  • Online Community Forum
    24/7 via private Facebook group
  • Online Resource Library

Membership Options

3-months : $174 ($58 per month)
6-months: $300 ($50 per month)
12-months: $504 ($42 per month)

Be our guest! Join us at one of our
virtual video mastermind community chats.

FREE and no sales pitch.
(We don't have time in our chats for sales pitches -- plus, none of us like them.)

woman business owner and personal stylist Loren North

In the Sparks community you get masterminding and tons of “free” coaching. I love that Coach Erin always starts by asking us what is on our minds. Coach Erin always comes prepared with a "topic in her pocket" for us to mastermind around as well. The coaching guidance Erin gives us is so valuable. That is what I love about this group - the value is incredible for the price we pay - it's not just a mastermind group, it is also coaching.

I even took a red eye flight so I didn’t have to miss one of our community chats. Erin always gives us a LOT of useful information and I didn't want to miss any of it.

Through The Closet Door

Loren North

Personal Stylist in Phoenix, Arizona

Kelsa Dickey woman business owner client testimonial

I LOVE! I don't have to wonder how things are being received. Everyone understands that we have gripes and raves about what we do and they can change drastically from one minute to the next. It's really such a supportive and non-judgmental space and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for making it that way.

I'm always feel so fired up, motivated, clear and confident after the Sparks chats. Truly thankful for this group.

Fiscal Fitness

Kelsa Dickey

Money Coach in Mesa, Arizona

Abby Herman, Woman Business Owner - Write Solutions

Being a part Sparks has made me a better person. Every day, I think about how much I’ve changed personally as a result of coaching and being in this community. I can’t begin to tell you the changes I’ve seen and felt in myself!

Write Solutions

Abby Herman

Content Marketing Strategist and Coach in Phoenix, Arizona