Being your own boss doesn't mean you have to be alone in your business.

Sparks is a coach-guided, peer-enhanced virtual mastermind. The Sparks community is exclusively for women business owners who use their skills, knowledge and experience to improve the circumstances of others.

{New and Established Business Owners Welcome}

Flowers decorate the work space of online business coach at the coach's cottage

Our spouses and significant others don't get it.

Our friends think "business owner" means available 24/7.

Our clients don't want to hear our business woes.

Our networking buddies have their own "stuff" to worry about.

What we could really use is a:

Young business woman does homework from her online business coach
Business woman's online brand just became very successful after help from her business coach
Woman runs her online business from home

community we can:

  • lean on
  • learn from
  • be inspired by
  • be motivated by
  • ask for feedback
  • be accountable to
  • set goals with
  • collaborate with
  • tackle challenges with
  • celebrate progress with
  • generate ideas and solutions with

group of business owners who:

  • understand that emotions can change from one minute to the next
  • get that ideas are perfect one day are tossed out the next
  • admit feelings of overwhelm, confusion and frustration are normal
  • struggle with decision making, follow-through and client challenges
  • share resources, make connections and even cross-promote each other

place where:

  • we are supported, valued and motivated
  • celebrating wins and successes is encouraged
  • we can safely navigate through business ownership
  • it's okay to gripe while searching for a solution

Toss in that everyone knows your name and you've got SPARKS! (Seriously! Just like Cheers.)

Let's be honest-- sometimes the behind-the-scenes of running a business can be a drag. And we all hit the tipping point of frustration now and then. (None of us are proud of it, but it happens.)

Sparks Members "get it!" We're all women starting, structuring, strengthening and successfully sustaining our own business.

Coaching. Collaboration. Creativity. Connection. Collective Wisdom.

Business Coach poses in from of Coach's cottage in Phoenix, Arizona

In 2013 my clients and I wanted something different. Something more than networking. Something deeper. Something focused on personal and professional growth, not sales and self-promotion.

And Sparks Was Born:

  • the go-to place for business, life and everything that falls in-between

  • the virtual water cooler for women business owners

We discuss everything! From client challenges to automating systems and marketing strategies to goal setting. We're a group of women who willingly share our expertise, experiences, tools and knowledge.

Be our guest! Join us at one of our virtual video mastermind community chats.

FREE and no sales pitch. (We don't have time in our chats for sales pitches -- plus, none of us like them.)

Or jump right in and become a member
-- you'll be glad you did!

Mastermind Chats

held 2x per month via video conference

Community Forum

hosted in private Facebook group

Online Resources

 tutorials - forms - and more

Membership Plans

3-months : $174 ($58 per month)
6-months: $300 ($50 per month)
12-months: $504 ($42 per month)

Membership Includes:

  • 2 community chats per month
  • 24/7 community forum
  • access to online resources

Sparks membership is not available to network marketers, franchises,
multi-level marketing companies or independent contractors.

woman business owner and personal stylist Loren North

In the Sparks community you get masterminding and tons of “free” coaching. I love that Coach Erin always starts by asking us what is on our minds. Coach Erin always comes prepared with a "topic in her pocket" for us to mastermind around as well. The coaching guidance Erin gives us is so valuable. That is what I love about this group - the value is incredible for the price we pay - it's not just a mastermind group, it is also coaching.

I even took a red eye flight so I didn’t have to miss one of our community chats. Erin always gives us a LOT of useful information and I didn't want to miss any of it.

Through The Closet Door

Loren North

Personal Stylist in Phoenix, Arizona

Kelsa Dickey woman business owner client testimonial

I LOVE! I don't have to wonder how things are being received. Everyone understands that we have gripes and raves about what we do and they can change drastically from one minute to the next. It's really such a supportive and non-judgmental space and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for making it that way.

I'm always feel so fired up, motivated, clear and confident after the Sparks chats. Truly thankful for this group.

Fiscal Fitness

Kelsa Dickey

Money Coach in Mesa, Arizona

Abby Herman, Woman Business Owner - Write Solutions

Being a part Sparks has made me a better person. Every day, I think about how much I’ve changed personally as a result of coaching and being in this community. I can’t begin to tell you the changes I’ve seen and felt in myself!

Write Solutions

Abby Herman

Content Marketing Strategist and Coach in Phoenix, Arizona