Self Care for Women Business Owners

Self-care is much like home care and car care.  It is necessary to keep you running smoothly physically, mentally and spiritually. There are things we all do to take care of our home: cleaning, repairing, etc. There are things we do to take care of our cars: changing the oil, filling the tank, rotating tires, etc. We even have things we do to take care of our families: buying groceries, picking things up for hubby or the kids, attending the kids sports events, etc. None of these are thought of as luxuries, more likely they are just the things that “keeping things running" or "need to be done" activities.

This can also be true of self care. Self care is not about luxury or self indulgence. It’s not about deserving or not deserving it. It’s not something you work up to or earn. No, self care is what keeps you running. It’s a much needed activity. Much like changing the oil keeps your car running at it’s optimum, self care keeps you running at your optimum.

Here’s a list of 61 things business owners can do to take care of themselves and keep themselves running at optimum

1. Shave your legs
2. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure/facial
3. Use affirmations
4. Write a Gratitude List
5. Write a Wish List
6. Read for pleasure
7. Read to learn and stretch your brain
8. Keep an open mind
9. Move your body
10. Get enough sleep
11. Make time for friends
12. Spend time in nature
13. Spend time alone in silence/meditation/journaling
14. Make time for personal interests/hobbies
15. Schedule regular wellness visits
16. Drink lots of water
17. Ask others for help
18. Accept help from others
19. Seek out inspiration
20. Feed your soul
21. Make your bed
22. Stop overthinking things
23. Stop comparing yourself to others
24. Celebrate your successes
25. Forgive yourself and others
26. Release negative people from your life
27. Pay your bills on time
28. Take control of your finances through a budget
29. Embrace your idiosyncrasies
30. Breathe: learn to be conscious of your breath
31. Identify your stress triggers and avoid them as much as possible
32. Add “buffer zones” in between appointments for down time
33. Dance like no ones watching
34. Crank up the tune and enjoy the music
35. Laugh until you pee your pants
36. Clean out your purse
37. De-clutter your desk
38. Organize your kitchen
39. Know your NO’s, YES’s and MAYBE’s
40. Discover your body shape & learn how to best dress it
41. Give yourself a foot rub
42. Make a vision board
43. Organize your closet, jewelry, etc.
44. Throw out clothes that don’t make you feel AMAZING
45. Only buy clothes that make you feel AMAZING
46. Get yourself a real pajama set, one that matches
47. Light candles or use warmers to have your favorite scent in the air
48. Put your self care on your calendar.  Make an appointment with YOU
49. Post inspiring pictures, quotes, etc around you
50. Schedule “catch-up” time in your schedule
51. Create morning and night time routines that include time to care for you
52. Keep track of your achievements
53. Write your goals down
54. Plan things around your PMS instead of pushing through it
55. Allow your emotions, holding them in creates more stress
56. Take your vitamins
57. Get ALL dressed up: makeup, hair, accessories, outfit, everything
58. Do what you say you’re going to do and don’t say you’ll do it if you won’t
59. Overestimate the time things take, underestimating is self sabatoge
60. Find someone to be your self care accountability partner
61. Eat outside, enjoy a picnic by yourself or with someone


What are you doing to take care of yourself?

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