Review, Renew, Revamp & Re-engergize

Here are a few important things women business owners need to take a look revamping periodically.

The most important piece to review is your Ideal Client.

As businesses grow, they change. Getting clear on who your ideal client is makes marketing easier and more effective. Take some time to review what you've learned about your ideal client over the last six months and update your client profile/avatar. Then, start implementing the knowledge you've gained about your clients into your marketing and monitor the results.

Revamp your Service Offerings, Packages, Programs and Products.

Now that you're clearer on who your ideal client is, it's time to review your service offerings, packages, programs and products. Are these serving the needs/wants/challenges you've learned your clients have? Are you delivering them through a method that works for your client and in a time frame that gains them the most benefit?

Revise Your Client/Customer Agreements & Contracts of Understanding.

It is so important to look over your agreements and contracts of understanding to ensure they are up to date with your current policies and procedures as well as to ensure that you have added any necessary items to them. We all learn as we go and we often run into miscommunication with clients that can cause havoc on our relationships so it's super important to be as clear as possible in your agreements. For ideas on what to include in your agreements click here.

Give Your On-Line Profiles a Face-Lift.

It's important to keep your personal on-line profiles up to date. These include your social media profiles as well as any on-line groups you may be a part of. Add a more current photo, change the number of years in service, etc.

Spruce Up Your Business Profiles.

Just like your personal on-line profiles, it's time to refresh your business profiles/pages too. These include, but are not limited to, your Facebook page, Google+ page, Linked-in page, Pinterest page or business boards on your personal profiles.

Refresh Your Facebook Page Cover Image.

If your cover image has been up more than about every 4-6 weeks it's time to update. As a rule of thumb, I use is this...if the billboard you see when driving on your freeway has changed, it's time for your cover image to change.

Revive Your Business Cards.

Have you been using the same old card for years? Maybe it's time to refresh it just a bit. Here are a few things you can do to freshen up your business card.
- add a great new client/customer testimonial
- add or update your photo
- add your tag-line
- add your social media urls to your Facebook Page, Google Page, Etc
- add your best tip or idea that fits your ideal clients challenge

Recharge Your Passion.

Taking time to recharge your passion is HUGE and most definitely a priority. Let's face it, owning your own business is likely not the walk in the clouds you thought it would be when you started. It takes work and sometimes hard work. Take some time to renew your passion. Take a look at why you are doing what you're doing. Look at your mission and make sure it's still powerful for you. And.. take some time to relax, refresh and re-energize your body. Get a massage, sit out in the sun with a good book, journal, journal, journal. Do whatever gets you invigorated and ready to dive back in with more passion.

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