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Developing Profitable Businesses
and Confident Business Owners

By providing private coaching, education, support and accountability
to women starting and growing their own service business.

Jodi's Business Coaching Testimonial with Coach Erin in Phoenix, Arizona

My Clarity Creator session with Coach Erin was extremely valuable and surpassed my expectations. I gained immediate value and I walked out with so much clarity. I was able to better articulate my services and the clients I want to work with. DrJodiPeary.com

Jodi Peary

Cave Creek, Arizona

Woman business owner testimonial

Coach Erin has helped me clarify the path to take our businesses and make more money. She’s extremely creative and helps you to feel creative too. Erin really helped me transform my services in a way that satisfies the needs of my clients while balancing what I needed too! The change brought about  more free time, more money and less stress. FiscalFitness.com

Kelsa Dickey

Mesa, Arizona

Jacqueline woman business owner

Coming into coaching with Erin, I had not worked with a coach before and honestly didn’t know what to expect. Coaching really got me out of my head. My session really gave me something to build on. Erin gave me a sense of ownership, she was there to guide the idea or concept, but I was the one actually doing the work and making the decisions. My coaching was money well spent.  AnotherHandAdvantage.com

Jacqueline Destremps

Phoenix, Arizona

Coach Erin client picture and business coaching testimonial

Before starting my BYOB program I didn’t have a solid concept. It’s exciting to feel my business really taking shape now.  The Expertise Catalog and Client Rate Finder were game changers. And The Dream Budget exercise shifted the entire long-term vision for the business. FlannelCreative.com

Jenny Alton

Spanish Fork, UT

abby herman shares business coaching experience

Erin provides so much value, starting with the very first session.  I 100% truly believe that I’d be back in the classroom teaching if I hadn’t come to Coach Erin! Hiring Erin was THE thing that turned my business around. WriteSolutions.com

Abby Herman

Phoenix, Arizona

Embrolic - woman business owner

Before starting the BYOB program with Coach Erin, I felt burnt out. I had a ton of ideas floating around in my head, but hadn’t been able to get them into the world.  Now, I have much less anxiety.  My business has a solid structure that fits me. BeOneYogaPR.com

Embrolic Selby

Luquillo, Puerto Rico

email: erin@ecoacherin.com        phone: (602) 499-4825        photo credit: Crystal Clear Photography