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abby herman shares business coaching experience

I’ve been working with Coach Erin in one-on-one coaching and I’ve also been a part of her Sparks Mastermind.  Erin provides so much value, starting with the very first session. She has helped me work through some major business mind-blocks, set up effective systems for working with my clients and plan out how I’m going to reach some big goals I have (along with countless other things we’ve worked through together!).

It was a huge step for me to hire a coach because I was afraid that I’d have to work WAY outside my comfort zone and move faster than I was prepared to at the time. Instead, Erin helped me identify where I was in my business so I could build from there—on my own terms. There’s no “formula” for success and while the big-name business courses might work for some, I knew I needed some one-on-one TLC to move me and my business forward. That’s exactly what I got. Erin pushed me outside my comfort zone and I had my highest gross income year yet—both in my business and when I was working a J.O.B. full time. Less than two weeks into this year, I’m well on my way to meeting this year’s goals.

I really appreciate having the Sparks group there in between coaching sessions. Sparks is different than most groups. It’s  a small, intimate, safe place I can go to get feedback and support from like-minded business owners. Erin and Sparks have both helped me immeasurably.

I can’t thank Erin enough. It was a huge step for me to hire a coach, but I am so thankful I did! I 100% truly believe that I’d be back in the classroom teaching if I hadn’t come to Coach Erin! Or, I’d be miserable working 70 hours a week. Or both!

Hiring a coach was THE thing that turned my business around. Oh, and working my butt off too, of course. But Erin was the catalyst to get me on the right track. I've grown so much personally and professionally since that initial investment and it just keeps getting better!


Abby Herman

Phoenix, Arizona

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Jill - Coach Erin client testimonial business owner

I’d rate my BYOB experience a 5 out of 5. I met the goals I wanted to meet. My confidence increased tenfold. I increased my income earning potential, expanded my understanding of business, and now have a solid foundation for my business. I carry myself differently and even talk to people about my business differently. I also believe I can actually have a sustainable, long term business now that I have built a solid foundation.

While I had been serving a few clients, I really didn’t have a “business” before working with Coach Erin. I now actually HAVE a business. I have a business name, mission, vision, pricing, packages and package descriptions.

I went into coaching with zero foundation, minimal confidence and a laundry list of unbridled ideas. I have emerged a solid, confident, and focused small business owner.

Erin helped me see how much value I provide and how much of an expert I truly am. I was afraid to go out in the world and ask people to pay me what I’m worth and now my fears are greatly reduced.

It wasn’t all about my business either. While I went into coaching working on my business, I ended up working a lot on myself. After all, my business is a direct reflection of who I am as a person. I am eternally grateful for the personal development side of coaching. From a personal stance, I feel like I have already had a huge ROI; the money I make in my business will just be gravy. Honestly, I would say the personal growth was probably the most valuable part of the program.

Working with Erin is like working with a really good friend who is super business-savvy and isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. She calls you out on your stuff. She takes ideas and manifests them in ways that I could never have done. Her coaching style is organic and unencumbered but structured enough to keep you focused and on point.

It’s refreshing to have someone that really, truly cares and wants the best for you. Erin really cares about your success and wants the best results for you, personally, and for your business. Honestly, I think any woman starting a new business should work with Erin. I know the accelerated growth I experienced over such a short period of time will pay dividend upon dividend in the future.

J.Ryan Solutions

Jill McMeekin

Phoenix, Arizona

Jodi's Business Coaching Testimonial with Coach Erin in Phoenix, Arizona

My Clarity Creator session with Coach Erin was extremely valuable and surpassed my expectations.  It was pragmatic and felt tailored just to me. I gained immediate value even before my coaching began and I walked out with so much clarity. Erin offered me guidance in creating a path towards success.  I was able to better articulate my services and the clients I want to work with. I also got clear on the steps toward providing those services to my clients.


Jodi Peary

Cave Creek, Arizona

Phoenix Business Woman Alicia Fields

I truly feel that I gained more value than what my coaching program cost. My program was filled with deep dive, laughs and real work on both my self and my business.

Coach Erin listens intently to what you are meaning instead of just the words you're saying. She picks up on little cues that most people miss. It's amazing the insights she's gotten from seemingly small things.

When working with Erin, you feel very paid attention to and important. She holds your hand while kicking you in the pants. She challenges you while supporting you. And she'll call you on your own BS.

Wild Alakea

Alicia Fields

Phoenix, Arizona

Coach Erin client picture and business coaching testimonial

Oh, goodness.  I’ve learned so much, and I’m only 6 weeks into the BYOB program.

Having never done coaching before, I didn’t have a lot of preconceived notions and was just happy to see how things turned out. I’m a business novice, so all of the business set-up, marketing, pricing, etc. is completely new territory to me. It’s been great to have Erin here to walk me through the process of envisioning and creating my business. Her relaxed, fun, and very competent coaching style is something I really appreciate.

Before starting my BYOB program with Coach Erin, I felt my business was pretty nebulous. I had talked about good ideas, but I didn’t have a solid conception of how things would actually happen. It’s exciting to feel like the business is starting to really take shape now.

There has been lots of mental work involved in the coaching and assignments, and it has been HUGE for me. There really has been a personal discovery around every corner. It’s also exciting to see a great deal of progress coming along in the design of my business. I’m stretching in so many ways; it can be intense, but it’s all very good.

The homework has been fun and challenging. The creative assignments have been especially enjoyable for me. The organizational assignments have been more challenging because they aren’t as fun for me individually, but they have been extremely valuable.  The Expertise Catalog, although it wasn’t the most pleasurable assignment for me to complete, really and truly changed how I thought about myself and the value of my skills.  The Client Rate Finder assignment was extremely thought-provoking and is causing me to think very differently now about how I will be earning income in my business. The Dream Budget exercise shifted the entire long-term vision for the business to include not only myself but my husband and potentially even our kids someday. I’m now not just building MY business, but I’m building our FAMILY business.

It’s fun to share my coaching experience and activities with my hubby. It’s exciting to know he is now going to be actively joining in the business.  He is supportive of the things I am doing and has been pleased with the coaching and assignments. (He even joined Erin and I on one of our coaching calls.)

My BYOB experience has been great. It is really helping me be ready to spread my new business wings.  I’m very excited to see what amazing things the rest of the program will bring!


Jenny Alton

Spanish Fork, UT

Embrolic - woman business owner

Before starting the BYOB program with Coach Erin, I felt burnt out about the whole process of getting my business off the ground.  Like many of us, I had a ton of ideas floating around in my head, but hadn’t gotten them out and into the world.  

After the BYOB program, I have much less anxiety about what my business "should be.”  Coaching is the perfect combination of exploration, reflection, and practical implementation. Working with Coach Erin is like working with a friend, a colleague, a cheerleader, a professional organizer, and a business coach all at once. Her coaching style is intuitive, casual, and down to earth.  She is full of practical, yet outside of the box ideas!

Coaching with Erin validated that my wants don't have to look like everyone else's.  I am free to want something different for my life and that of my family. My business has a solid structure and can grow and change as my life grows and changes. Coach Erin has helped me to see that I can make my business fit me, not the other way around.  With that skill alone, I know that I will always be able to make my business work.


Embrolic Selby

Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Woman business owner testimonial

Coach Erin has helped me, but also a number of my clients, to clarify the path to take our businesses and also make more money. She’s extremely creative and helps you to feel creative too. She’s  action-oriented and driven by results which I love. She has such a fabulous balance between these two traits and it makes her an amazing coach. Erin’s positive and upbeat but also honest and candid when she needs to be. Coach Erin truly wants to see her clients succeed and helps them to do so.

Erin, I am so grateful to you. I love my business & what I do everyday but the busier I got, the more stressed I felt. You really helped me to transform my services in a way that satisfies the needs of my clients while balancing what I needed too! The change brought about  MORE TIME and LESS STRESS – which was the goal entirely! I look ahead at my calendar and I’m excited to finally have the energy, time and mental capacity to work on all the projects I’ve wanted to accomplish this past year but kept getting pulled away. I have a sense of pride in my business that I had started to lose without even realizing it. How do I even begin to say thank you for what you’ve given me? It seems impossible. THANK YOU!”


Kelsa Dickey

Mesa, Arizona

Jacqueline woman business owner

Coming into my coaching session with Erin I had not worked with a coach before so, I honestly didn’t really know what to expect. It was much more thought provoking then I thought it would be. It wasn’t Coach Erin telling me what to do but more of her getting me thinking.

Coaching really gets you out of your head. It puts ideas & thoughts you’ve been thinking into a “real” concept. You stop pushing things aside that you thought “I can’t do that” or “not now.” Erin does a great job of saying “you got this” without it feeling like a fake cheerleader-ish thing, she is very genuine. My session really gave me something to build on.

One of the reasons I have avoided coaches is because I felt like coaches were there to tell me I was doing a good job or just to kick my ass. I really saw coaching as one type of coach is the cheerleader who says “yay” at whatever you think you’re going to do and the other type of coach tells you exactly how to do everything in their process or patented program. My coaching experience with Erin was neither of these.

Coach Erin gave me a sense of ownership. She was there to guide the idea or concept, but I was the one actually doing the work. Erin leaves you feeling like you have ownership over it. This way when things work I get the gratification instead of feeling like “Oh yeah, I followed someone else’s steps and feel like I know I can follow steps well.” With Coach Erin I did it myself. I have the ownership over the idea and the results.

Coaching was money well spent and of great value. I can totally get my financial investment back in 90 days. I can also see where over the next 12 months I will continue to generate a much higher profit with the concepts Coach Erin and I worked on.


Jacqueline Destremps

Phoenix, Arizona

Coach Erin client picture and business coaching testimonial

I gained so much direction from each of my B.Y.O.B coaching sessions with Erin. The more direction and clarity I gained, the further I was able to expand my business and my own personal skills.

My business is a lot more organized, automated and clear. I’ve learned so much and now feel truly ready for clients. I became more knowledgeable on business ownership, marketing platforms, and setting realistic expectations. I find it easier to make decisions now. And I’m much more confident.

It’s been really emotional building a business. Having a go-to person weekly to work with helped me stay on course and continue to move forward. Erin kept me accountable to getting things done! It was nice to know I had someone to talk to. Someone who understood the journey and had resources each step of the way.

Without my B.Y.O.B coaching program I’d like still be struggling with clarity, having proper systems in place and not developing my own creativity. It was great to develop unique programs and activities to move my clients forward. I would never have thought to offer these programs; I was only prepared to offer the services I learned with my certification training.  I’m now confident in my own creativity. This was the most valuable piece of the program as it flows into multiple areas of my business.

I really appreciated that the B.Y.O.B was well organized and clear. It was great to have a communication log where I could talk with Erin anytime. Plus, the Sparks Community and the additional resources were awesome.

I appreciate that Erin was very thorough. She has a great process for helping you clarity what you want to accomplish and how to best represent your business. She’s knowledgeable in business, marketing, automating business tasks and extremely creative. Oh and she’s not afraid to be direct with you when something just doesn’t fit well. But, at the same time she respects your decisions. It’s 100% your business and your decisions.

The B.Y.O.B program was challenging, inspiring and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Sarah Gill - Phoenix, Arizona

Soul Therapist in Phoenix, Arizona

Paulette B - Woman Business Owner - Phoenix, Arizona

In just our first 2 coaching sessions, Coach Erin has provided me with a framework and a clarified sequence for building a business out of what I thought was just an idea. She also provided me with honest feedback and insights into what my best steps are. Erin’s organization of how to build a business is clear, concise and value driven.

It amazes me how quickly Erin was able to read me and really know me. When she gave me a suggestion for my business name I knew immediately it was right. Her suggestion has allowed me to be free and not closed in, she really opened things up for me in a way I never thought of.

It has been so powerful to have someone who gets me, sees what I want and has the ability to take that, give it structure and the right avenue to achieve my mission while generating a profit. Coach Erin has not only allowed me to put into words what I have always felt but she has also brought it to life through my own authentic brand.


Paulette Bergounous

Phoenix, Arizona

Tabitha Dumas woman business owner testimonial

Several months ago, I was feeling overwhelmed with running what I thought were two different businesses. I had separate social media accounts and blogs for each and even two different business cards. I felt disjointed and confused and knew that I needed an outsider’s perspective to get me unstuck.

I had heard good things about Coach Erin from few trusted friends so I attended her event in February. The exercises we did combined with her keen insights and upbeat personality convinced me that I needed to add Erin to my team. I came to our session hoping for some guidance and a new direction but what I got was that and so much more.

Erin helped me figured out why I felt the need to combine the two things I was doing into one cohesive package. She also worked with me to get to the heart of what I actually do for the people I’ve already worked with successfully. She helped me get a bird’s eye view of what I offer and a new way to talk about it with other people. The best word to describe what I got out of the session was “clarity.”

I knew what I loved to do and who I loved to work with—but she gave me a new framework for it, which was incredibly valuable. Not long after, I taught a class and—based on what Erin and I had talked about—presented the “what I do” portion of the talk for the first time using the new framework of being an “Image and Influence Consultant.” As a result, I booked two consultations and they both fit my ideal client profile!

I also updated some of my marketing copy and have started working on an editorial calendar and product offerings based on what Erin and I came up with and I can hardly wait to implement them! Already, I’m attracting the right people and doing more of the work I truly love.

For people like me who live in their own head, it’s critical to get an outside perspective sometimes to stay on track and Erin is a genius at that. I already scheduled another coaching session for this week and look forward to gaining even more focus and continuing to build on my new business framework.

Thanks, Erin, for helping me keep the momentum going in my business!


Tabitha Dumas

Gilbert, Arizona

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