Reasons I believe Self Employed Women Would Benefit From Knowing A Coach

5 Reasons Self-Employed Women Should Have a Coach

Business coaches are not just for those starting up their business. They’re for newbies and veterans alike. They’re for women who are shifting gears and for those who are trying to find their way.

I’ve talked before about what a coach does and why women hire coaches. Here are five reasons that all self-employed women should have a coach on their side.

  1. There are LOTS of people willing to tell you what you should do.

But who do you have helping you figure out what you want to do? Coaches don't tell you what to do or not to do.

Coaches are there to guide you through sorting things out and looking at things from different angles. Coaches empower you to make your own decisions—not do what they think is right but rather what you think is right.

  1. None of us can see ALL of our mindset blocks.

Often we can get stuck believing it's "this one thing" that's holding us back. We spend a lot of time and money on that "one thing" only to find we’re not moving where we want to go, even after solving that “one thing.” Then we're off spending time and money on the next “one thing." Because there’s always something, right?

Going round and round like this can cost a lot of time, money, energy and self-doubt. Coaches can often get to the root much quicker, saving you from the negativity of feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel of self-doubt.

  1. Attracting 100% perfect clients is likely a myth.

It's more likely you'll run into a few client challenges. Who will you turn to when these occur? Likely not the best to go blab about it in a Facebook networking group where potential clients are. What will they think? Will they see it as you "dogging" on your clients?

It’s not likely that your husband or best friend is going to be much help with challenging clients. Most likely they just want you to be happy AND want you to like them. So they'll side with you and join in on the "oh, that's horrible" bandwagon. But will that help you with your clients?

Having a coach to talk things through can mean bringing both sides of the table together. It can result in having clearer communication with your future clients and possibly a change in policy and procedure to do your best to eliminate these challenges in the future.

  1. Changing tides call for changing mindset.

One thing that seems consistent when running your own business is that it acts much like the ocean tide, there will be high tides and low tides. In high tide we can experience the feelings of excitement followed by overwhelmingness. It can feel like we don’t have enough time in the day to get it all done. This can lead to energetically pushing away business, even subconsciously.  

Then comes the low tide. Those times where clients, customers and projects seem slim to none. It can lead to feelings of scarcity and the fear that money will run out or that it won’t come in quickly enough.

Coaches can help with your mindset in both high tides and low tides. They can also keep you motivated, keep you marketing and show you how to use the low times to plan better for the high tides. Having someone there to keep you accountable, to continue taking action and keep your mindset focused on success is priceless.

     5. There will be times when things get messed up.

While I am all about staying positive and optimistic, I am also a realist. I realize that there are times when the plan doesn’t go as expected. While it can certainly be of value to have someone there with the answers, it is often more valuable to have someone there with a listening ear. Someone who knows how hard you work and how disappointing it must feel. Someone who doesn’t want to rescue you but rather be with you. Sure, we all want the rescue boat to come but what about having someone in the boat with you to be there as you experience the choppiness of each wave. Someone to help you communicate clearly with the rescue team. How would it feel to not be alone in the experience?

If you’re a self-employed woman, I’d love to know your experience with coaching. What are some of the biggest benefits you’ve seen in your coaching journey. Even being a coach myself, I love having the sounding board that a coach brings my business.

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