What To Post On a Facebook Page

Do you ever find yourself wondering "What should I post on my Facebook page?  If so, you're not alone.   

Most start-up business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use Facebook in their marketing plan aren't sure exactly what to post. So, to get you started I want you to think about your Facebook business page as making a salad and your Facebook posts or status updates are like the ingredients in your salad.

Now, a salad isn't just lettuce, it's all the other "mix-ins" that make a salad a salad. Think about it.. who eats just lettuce and calls it a salad? So... you don't want your Facebook Page to just be all one thing... you want to "mix-in" a few different ingredients... AND change up the ingredients because no one likes the same salad everyday - it just gets boring 🙂

Here is just a short list of possible ingredients (ideas) you could use in your Facebook salad:

  • Positive Quotes
  • Statistics & Facts
  • Client Testimonials
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Educational Information
  • Before & After Pics
  • Product Information
  • Tips
  • Specials
  • How To's

One important key is to make sure that each of the above are relevant to your area of expertise and your target market. It's important that your Facebook followers and fans are getting information from you that they would expect. Otherwise it's kind of like making a southwest chicken salad and adding in pepperoni... it just leaves an odd taste in your mouth and instead of saying "yum" your just saying "umm?"

What are a few Facebook posts you've used that have been successful for you?

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