Play BIG!

I recently posted on my Coach Erin Facebook page about the whole "Play Big" campaign that is soooo popular. It got several women thinking. Including one business owner who messaged me her big AH-HA moment ...

Take a look -- maybe her AH-HA moment will inspire you.

"Erin, you posted recently on the Coach Erin Facebook page about the whole playing bigger thing. What an AH-HA moment. I realized I can continue to follow the advice of some of the "experts" in business like build a large mailing list, focus on working with more people at one time vs one on one, and aim to make tens of thousands of dollars a month (doing things that don't necessarily FEEL good and we know where that leads) OR I can trust my own judgement, decide what is best for me and build a business that I LOVE participating in. (WOW that was a total run on sentence!) BUT, your post validated what I had been feeling.

When I had my first design business I did very well. I averaged about $3000 a month and I was HAPPY with that. I don't have to reach the $10,000 / month mark to be happy. What I do have to do is make sure I am working with clients that make me feel fabulous at all times.

That being said, I've made the decision to do design full time again! 🙂 My website it already almost complete!"

Are you getting tired of hearing how you have to Build An Empire to be a successful business?

I know I am. I don't want to follow another persons guaranteed plan for success, even if it brought them success. It's not the kind of success I desire to create. I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to create my own plan, if I follow a plan created by someone else I would rob myself of this amazing personal growth journey called entrepreneurship.

I started my business because I wanted to provide meaningful services that positively impacted the life of another while living a life style that I enjoyed living. I had no dream of an empire, but I too heard the message of "Play Big" and thought that was how you "had" to build a business in order to be successful -- NOT! I had no desire to manage people, been there-done that. I didn't want to have committee meetings to make decisions or to discuss previously made decisions. Again, been there-done that. Heck, I didn't even want my business to "need" a conference room. I wanted to work from my home, eat my lunch on our back porch listening to the birds and walk around my neighborhood for my lunch time walk. I didn't want to spend 2 hours a day in traffic commuting to work or have to navigate my way through busy airports and sleep in unfamiliar hotel beds. Yet, many of the "experts in business" are doing just that. That's where their plan got them but it's not where I wanted to go.

Often times when I see the "experts in business" I see them not as having their own business or building their own brand, but rather I see them as managing a company. And well, to be honest it looks like a J.O.B to me. They have committee meetings, employee evaluations and reviews, company meetings and most often I see them traveling and missing time with their children, husbands and pets. From my point of view it looks a lot like the J.O.B I left in search of entrepreneurial dream.

If you, like me have a desire to be an entrepreneur but have a different vision than "Play Big" I encourage you to join me in creating an authentic and integrity filled way of doing business that highlights your skills, knowledge and life experience, expands your comfort zone while keeping your integrity zone intact AND creates a style of living that suites you and your family. I guess instead of "Play Big" I'd go with "Play Happy."

Is this you? Is this the type of business owner you desire to be?

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