Paulette Bergounous Coaching Testimonial

In just our first 2 coaching sessions, Coach Erin has provided me with a framework and a clarified sequence for building a business out of what I thought was just an idea. She also provided me with honest feedback and insights into what my best steps are. Erin’s organization of how to build a business is clear, concise and value driven.

It amazes me how quickly Erin was able to read me and really know me. When she gave me a suggestion for my business name I knew immediately it was right. Her suggestion has allowed me to be free and not closed in, she really opened things up for me in a way I never thought of.

It has been so powerful to have someone who gets me, sees what I want and has the ability to take that, give it structure and the right avenue to achieve my mission while generating a profit. Coach Erin has not only allowed me to put into words what I have always felt but she has also brought it to life through my own authentic brand.

Paulette Bergounous – Phoenix, Arizona – Navigating Personal Change

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