Passion To Profit

Four steps to help you turn your passions into a profitable business and a value to others.

Step 1: List and Review

List all of your passions, skills, talents, knowledge and experience – include any hobbies too.

- EDUCATION: degrees, certifications, trainings attended, etc.
- LIFE EXPERIENCE: parenting, living on a budget, traveling, etc
- CAREER/WORK EXPERIENCE: where have you worked?
- SKILLS: organizing, selling, project planning, writing, card making etc.

Step 2: Decide What to use to Generate Income in your Business

You may not want to use all of your passions to generate income. Pick the ones you LOVE and start with those. Plus, there are going to be some skills and experiences that just fit more naturally with others and some that just don't really go together. You also want to be sure to check-in with yourself and ask yourself, "Is this something I would enjoy talking about and/or doing on a daily basis?” or “Is this something that I would get up out of bed in the morning to do?"

Step 3: Identify Your "Who"

Now that you've got a good list going, it's time to see WHO would find value in what you're passionate about and what would your skills and experience improve for them. Let's start with a broad category and an example on how to narrow it down a bit.

BROAD: Women
NARROW: New moms, Entrepreneurial moms, Stay-at-home moms

Step 4: Identify Your "How"

Now that you know the What and the Who it's time to decide the How. How will you offer these services?
Will you be offering them:
- individually
- in groups
- in-person
- virtually

Step 5: Identify Your "Where"

Where will you find your clients? What social media platforms do your potential clients use to find services like yours? Will you attend in-person network events?

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