Organization Affirmations for Women Business Owners

Running a business and a home can feel a little chaotic. Organization affirmations can help you see and reflect on what you’re doing right and guide you to make choices that keep everything in exactly the right place.

I am now organized for prosperity.
I am now steady and well organized in my life.
I keep my office space organized for success.
I make a plan, follow the plan, and the plan creates success.
Being organized is getting easier and easier.
Decluttering is now a part of my regular routine.
I am embracing new behaviors that support me being organized.
Keeping records provides me opportunities to see my strengths and grow opportunities.
Tracking my income and expenses brings me feelings of joy, success and happiness.
I am an amazing planner and LOVE seeing my plan become reality.
I am clearing away the clutter!
I am disciplined, organized and successful.
I am effortlessly improving my systems and processes.
I am experiencing progress in getting organized.
I am getting my business in order and on track and it feels so satisfying.
I am now getting more done in less time.
I am self disciplined and organized.
I clear away the emotional and physical clutter and make room for success.
I dig in and get it done.
I enjoy keeping my office clean and organized.
I enjoy the feeling of being organized.
I get things done because I organize. Because I organize, I get things done.
I make time for organizing because I know it's one of the keys to success.

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