Not Every Woman Starts Her Own Business

So, here's the truth.. Not every woman I work with starts her own business. Yep, it's true. I work with women who have fabulous ideas for businesses they want to start. They have big dreams and are filled with excitement. BUT -- as we work together they come to know more about themselves as well as what being in business for yourself is all about and sometimes they discover that being an entrepreneur isn't for them OR that right now is not the right time in their lives to start a business.

Just recently I worked with two women who have had this experience. After spending eight weeks focused on identifying their ideal client, what packages they wanted to offer and working on clarifying what their brand will be, they realized some things that has them choosing something other than starting their own business. Here's what they discovered and what they've decided their next steps are.

One of the women discovered that not only did she need a more consistent income but that she needed an income that did not require her to continue to go out and find it. She is a busy mom and the energy it takes to do the marketing to bring in new clients is energy she just doesn't have right now. She needs to be able to arrive, do her work and walk out with a paycheck for her time spent. Spending time and energy now for payment later wasn't going to work for her where she is in life.

The other woman discovered that while she was dreaming of having her own little office all to herself it wasn't really what was best for her. After just a few weeks working from home alone she quickly realized that the social aspect of her previous job was something she was missing. She discovered that co-renting a space would likely be much better for her as she would have someone besides clients to interact with. She knew she needed a space with a sense of community, a common staff lounge or a common receptionist area. Can you imagine the money this saved her from renting her own space, decorating it and then discovering it was too solitary for her? Not only that, but it saved her months of self doubt about making the wrong decision.

But, there was something else both of these women discovered through coaching. Finding the space to work, identifying your ideal client and having the time for marketing are just a few pieces of the entrepreneurial puzzle.

There's also the big piece of stepping into your area of expertise. Having the confidence and courage to say "I know what I'm talking about and I can help you." This is likely to be the biggest piece of the business success puzzle. I have seen it time and time again. The woman who is able to get beyond the "fear of being an expert" and the woman who is not able to move beyond it. It is common that as we delve more and more into your area of impact and your area of expertise that women begin to struggle with fear and self doubt. Many will begin to believe they need more education, more experience, more this or more that. They could then spend the next few months or even years "preparing" for starting their business.

It's here that I, as their coach help them either push through the fear or come to realize that now is not the right time for them to step into the roll of business owner, expert and entrepreneur. Each woman's journey to and through becoming and an entrepreneur is different. In my coaching, we take it one step at a time. We fight through the fear that is trying to hold us back and we embrace and are grateful for the fear that is trying to keep us safe and on track.

While it is often hard for me to see women take a step away from their entrepreneurial journey, I know deep within me that it's really a step towards success. A step toward seeing themselves and what they offer the world is of value no matter if it's in their own business or in a job. No matter what, my clients leave my coaching as an empowered and more self aware woman. Empowered to make choices that fulfill them, create joy in their lives and move them further along the path we call life. More self aware of what brings them joy, comfort, peace and happiness.

It's a blessing to do what I do and to be with women on their journey and I wish both of these women the utmost joy and success in the adventure we call life.

If you have a great business idea, are filled with excitement and want to figure out if being your own boss and owning your own business is right for you, I encourage you to find a coach. If it's me, great.. fabulous. If it's not, that's okay too. I just want women to know there are coaches out there, ready to help you find your next step toward your own success. Give coaching a chance, it's a powerful tool for creating clarity, direction and momentum.

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