No New Clients? Now What?

Something I commonly hear from my coaching clients is "I'm not getting clients." This often leads to more questions like, "Am I in the right niche?" "Am I charging too much?" "Am I not marketing right?" And so on.

Have you ever been here?

Well, here are a few questions to help you think things through and answer a few of those questions that keep stirring in your head...

1. Are you still LOVING talking about your niche topic?

Do you still find yourself immersed in information about your niche? Are you continuing to come up with new topics and new ideas related to your niche? Do you watch T.V. shows and think.. I could use that? If so, then I would say it's likely the niche is right.

2. Have you done as much marketing as you used to or have you slowed down your marketing?

If yes, I would ask, has your marketing venue changed at all? Is your Facebook page being seen by fewer and fewer of your fans without boosting a post here and there? Has a networking group you've been attending changed like Creative Connections, going to only unique business owners? If so, did you switch your marketing to fit?

3. Are you putting your marketing where your clients are looking for you at?

If you recently adjusted your niche did you adjust your marketing venue to fit your newly defined niche? Are you using social media platforms where your clients look for services like yours?

4. Is your marketing message written in your client's language?

Are you saying the same thing over and over or are you adding variety to see the response and to share your information in a new way? Marketing messages are something you tweak here and there, watch the response and tweak again... all with the same "core message" but communicated in different ways. This way you can find what your audience responds to best.

5. Has your pricing changed?

Did you raise or lower your price? This can be a big factor as you may have been priced right and raising or lowering your prices might make your services not as appealing to your client. If you recently adjusted your ideal client did you also adjust your pricing to fit your client or does it need to be adjusted?

6. When was the last time you "ASKED FOR THE SALE"?

When was the last time you told your audience about a package, program or offering you have? If you're not reminding them about how to get more of you they will forget. Remind them today how they can purchase your services and gain the results/outcomes/benefits that your services provide them. Check in.. how often were you asking for the sale before when you were gaining clients? Make yourself a calendar and be sure you're asking for the sale on a regularly scheduled time that attracts the most clients your way.


How will you implement these ideas into your business?

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