New Year Business Affirmations

New Year Business Affirmations for women business owners by phoenix coach erin garcia

Start the year on a positive note with affirmations. They can help you retrain your brain in 2018 to be more mindful of the messages you tell yourself. Use a few of these each day to help you stop with the negative self-talk and to start loving all that you are.


I acknowledge my desire and I go for it

It is safe for me to succeed this year

This is going to be an amazing year for me, my business and my life

This is the year my dreams come true

This year I am going to achieve my goals

This year I experience a daily increase in confidence

I am excited for new opportunities arriving soon

I am now surrounded by possibilities

I am open and willing to accept opportunities that are in alignment with my talents & desires

I am open to awesome coming my way

I am ready to tap into the abundance of opportunities available to me

I create a plan and execute that plan

I plan projects that support my business vision

My plans create my success

I am excited about all that is waiting for me in the next 12 months

My business flourishes this year

Affirmation: a tool used to re-wire your brain and improve your mindset.

Change Your Brain
Change Your Business

Affirmation Kit for Women Business Owners includes:

- over 200 affirmations
- printable affirmation log sheet
- tips for getting the most from the affirmations

This affirmation kit can be downloaded from your email right to your computer, tablet, or smartphone in PDF format! You don’t need a special eBook reader. You can also print it. Hard and softback copies are not available.

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