Networking Affirmations for Women Business Owners

Networking Affirmations for Women Business Owners start up business ideas by business coach erin garica

Putting yourself out there in a networking meeting causes anxiety and stress in many of my clients. These affirmations will put you in the right mindset so you walk into your next networking meeting confident and ready to turn some heads. Start using them at least a week before your meeting for the biggest impact. (And I know that many of us work and network virtually. Use them for your next online call, too!)

I am now comfortable and confident in connecting with others

I consistently make connections that grow my business and myself

I now easily connect my clients with services that help them grow

I now meet the perfect people at the perfect times

I am attracting positive and empowering support into my life and business

I attract clients and gain referrals from my networking groups

I clearly articulate my message at networking events

I enjoy expanding my network

I speak with confidence, clarity and courage at all networking events I attend

Standing out at a networking event is something I am now comfortable doing

I rock at network meetings

I walk into networking meetings with confidence

My 30 second commercial is AWESOME

When I attend networking events, I speak with confidence, clarity and courage

Affirmation: a tool used to re-wire your brain and improve your mindset.

Change Your Brain
Change Your Business

Affirmation Kit for Women Business Owners includes:

- over 200 affirmations
- printable affirmation log sheet
- tips for getting the most from the affirmations

This affirmation kit can be downloaded from your email right to your computer, tablet, or smartphone in PDF format! You don’t need a special eBook reader. You can also print it. Hard and softback copies are not available.

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