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My Coaching Philosophy

I believe my role as a business coach is to provide you resources and education so you can be more comfortable and confident in your role as a business owner and as a service provider.

I'm here to help you accomplish business success by creating service programs and a marketing message that connects with your right clients and builds your confidence.

Together we will uncover your clear vision, improve your confidence and increase your business growth. We'll also identify the indicators of fear that lead to slowed business growth and decode fears  impact on your success.

My Coaching Style

I have a knack for quickly making people feel like we're old friends and I use that gift to help you execute your vision and become the most successful business owner you can be.

But, great coaching is more than being comfortable with your coach. Great coaching is knowing how and when to ask that one question that will create a shift and change the trajectory of your business forever.

Working with business owners since 2006, I've found that the mix of techniques that create the best results is:

  • 75% coaching questions and activities
  • 15% education/teaching
  • 7% training and resource sharing
  • 1.5% sharing of my own experience
  • 1.5% consulting you on best practices

That's why I've taken the time to create 100% original coaching activities and an authentic coaching process that I have seen generate better and better results with each client I work with.

Coach Erin welcoming women business owners to the Coach's Cottage in Phoenix, Arizona

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My Signature Coaching Process


1. Prep

Each coaching program has a specific and comprehensive set of prep activities which clients complete prior to our first session.

This will aid us in establishing:

  • the stage of your business
  • what the future vision is
  • any holes in the structure
  • a base level of mindset
  • business goals
  • personal goals
  • a plan of action

2. Strategize

We will get right to work on laying out a clear, solid and sustainable framework. We'll determine the best structure for your business, brand, services, operations, marketing, client communication and internal communications

Together we will:

  • brainstorm
  • collaborate
  • make decisions
  • plan out the details
  • layout the road-map
  • organize the ideas

3. Develop

Each coaching program follows a proven business development process that is then customized to each client. This allows us to create a tailor fit program for you. While some clients may spend time developing their mission and niche, others will focus more on structuring services, designing programs or structuring their systems.

Depending on where you and your business are, we will craft the perfect program plan for you. We will set the pace so you can fully develop each idea and create completed strategies while ensuring you reach your goals.

4. Implement

As you progress through your program, we'll pull together all details. We'll devise a plan of action that will move you forward and keep you moving forward.

You'll have many things already implemented and others you'll be ready to pull the trigger on. Plus, there will likely be a few ideas and strategies to for you to self implement when the timing is right.

I Will:

  • be someone who isn’t emotionally connected to your decisions, doesn’t hold you to your past and truly cares about your future success
  • show you a structure for business decision-making and create a framework to move ideas into implemented action
  • walk you through forward-momentum exercises to help you gain clarity in audience, pricing, services and messaging

We Will: (with an emphasis on we)

  • process through all the emotions and ideas in an authentic, intentional and completely judgement-free conversation
  • find the root of your blocks (hint: it’s not marketing; it’s what comes before the marketing)
  • prioritize an organized, step-by-step plan of what to work on and when
  • develop automated systems and organized routines
  • move you and your business forward

You Will:

  • complete approximately 3 hours of homework per week
  • test out new technologies
  • make and implement decisions
  • stretch your comfort zone
  • have your thought process challenged
  • be held accountable to taking action
  • gain new knowledge
  • learn new skills
  • grow personally and professionally
  • begin to enjoy the magic of business ownership

My Six Coaching Focus Areas

Personal Development

  • improving self awareness
  • developing new skills
  • increasing productivity
  • setting goals
  • becoming self accountable
  • enhancing money mindset
  • learning to identify fear
  • clarifying beliefs, values and morals

Business Foundation

  • a clear niche
  • a sustainable business model
  • defined mission
  • articulate vision
  • core brand message
  • visual brand basics
  • brand voice basics
  • core brand values
  • core brand beliefs
  • unique brand position
  • specified target audience
  • solid focus areas
  • strong knowledge zones
  • business name selection
  • brand culture
  • brand promise

Service Structure

  • philosophy clarification
  • program development
  • package creation
  • initial offer design
  • service flow structure
  • work flow sequence
  • pricing formula
  • payment system
  • service distribution
  • price adjustment planning and implementation
  • event and presentation planning (agenda, marketing and follow-up)

Operations & Management

  • ideal life and business schedule
  • budget planning
  • online scheduling system
  • business routines
  • marketing routines
  • implementation plan
  • idea tracking system
  • project planning system
  • growth tracking system
  • task management system
  • marketing tracking system
  • integrated automation
  • standard operating procedures
  • running your business from home


  • testimonial system
  • collateral creation
  • referral partnerships
  • regular marketing routine
  • seasonal marketing plan
  • content marketing plan
  • social media marketing plan
  • website structure
  • website content plan
  • advertising resources
  • ideas, strategies, techniques and systems
  • distribution channel selection
  • social media posting plan
  • testimonial capture system

Client Relations

  • setting healthy boundaries
  • agreements of understanding
  • client behavior management
  • client acquisition system
  • client on-boarding plan
  • client experience planning
  • referral program
  • client retention system
Kelsa Dickey woman business owner client testimonial

Wow! That's all I can say! Just WOW! I am so fired up right now! That coaching session was incredibly valuable! I am able to tackle my day, week, month and year with intention and purpose and I can't thank you enough. I have a much clearer vision for myself and my work than I've ever had in the past.

An hour and a half with Erin and she took me from an 8 to a 10- that's the best way to describe it. I was doing a lot of things right and working hard but now I'm going to take it to the next level and I'm able to do so with confidence!

Fiscal Fitness

Kelsa Dickey

Money Management Coach in Phoenix, Arizona

I’m glad I set up this call with Erin. I experienced a shift from freelancer mindset into a consultant mindset. I feel a lot more confident and am excited to now have a 6 step client process that is uniquely mine.

I’m running home now to make tweaks!

Claire Tak

Oakland, California

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