My Experience with Affirmations

Experiences with business Affirmations by coach erin garcia

I was first introduced to affirmations in late 2003 by a co-worker of mine. She gave me an affirmation calendar by Louise Hay for Christmas. I wasn’t totally sure that I would like the messages, but the images on the affirmations were pretty, so I put the calendar on my desk.

Soon after, I found myself reading the affirmations every day. Sometimes it was at the beginning of the day and sometimes it was right before I headed home for the day.

It didn’t seem to matter what time I read the affirmations. What mattered was that I read them.

They intrigued me and I started looking forward to the positive message each one delivered each day. I was hooked.

Soon after, I began researching more about affirmations and even invested in a few affirmation CDs that I listened to on my way to and from work. Before long, I was writing my own.

I had affirmation Post-its everywhere—in the bathroom, on the refrigerator, at my desk. I even carried them in my wallet. So anywhere I was, whether brushing my teeth or in the grocery check-out line, affirmations were right in front of me. And I was reading them. Constantly.

Before long, I had changed the background on my cell phone home screen to “I handle success with ease and grace.” Even to this day, this affirmation is an automatic statement. It felt odd at first but over the years I’ve come to discover that I really do handle success with ease and grace. This allows me to let more success into my life because I’m not afraid of success anymore. My mind knows I can handle the success so it allows me to create success.

Somewhere around 2010, I began writing my affirmations over and over, the same affirmation three to five times. This is when I discovered the power of eye, hand and verbal connection. As I was writing my affirmations repeatedly, they sunk in much faster.

I was seeing bigger and better results.

My mind was shifting more quickly and I was experiencing even more power with my affirmations. Eventually, I began typing my affirmations (to save time) and guess what? The power was exactly the same as when I wrote them.

In 2014, I started testing out these affirmations in my business.

I used the affirmation, “My website is listed on the first page of Google searches.” And guess what?  Now I’m listed on the first page of Google when you search “business coach for women in Phoenix.” Go ahead, try it! (And if I don’t show up, let me know so I can start using that affirmation again!)

I’ve used affirmations for attracting new clients, attracting more ideal clients, increasing engagement on my Facebook page and even connecting with amazing business resources.

I now know the power of affirmations is limitless.

In business, we can use them for our confidence, success, goals, marketing, relationships and clients.

Thirteen years later, I still experience the power of affirmations when I use them. It’s true that I was much more consistent with my affirmations in the beginning. Occasionally, I find myself sloughing them off and replacing that time I spent on them with other tasks.

And it’s comical because my hubby can tell when I’m not being consistent. It doesn’t take but a few weeks of him noticing that I’m a bit off for him to ask, “Are you still doing your affirmations?” That’s when I know it’s time to get back to them.

If you’ve never tried using affirmations in business before, I invite you to connect with me on Pinterest and check out my board for affirmations or on my Facebook page where I post affirmations regularly.

I truly believe that affirmations can improve your mindset, your business and your life.

Affirmation: a tool used to re-wire your brain and improve your mindset.

Change Your Brain
Change Your Business

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