My Brand Colors

I first picked colors based on what "the experts" said the colors represented and I liked them well enough that I used those colors for the first eight years of my business. But, I was always tweaking things because it never felt "just right," so like Goldilocks I kept trying different things. This tweaking lasted two more years. UGH!

Then, I worked with a personal stylist on my own personal color pallet and had a HUGE A-HA! I looked at the colors and realized that over half of the colors would fall into blue. From true blue to teal blue to blue green. These were the colors I naturally was drawn to as they were abundant in my closet.

It was a big light bulb for me as to why my brand colors did not feel right. Yes, the colors represented what I offered but I never felt at home in them. That's when I decided to make blue/teal/turquoise my primary color, green my secondary color and gray and white my accent colors. I changed my entire brand and am now SOOOOOOO happy, comfortable and confident with it. I LOVE them so much that I've designed my entire home decor with them. (Yes, I live in my brand colors everyday.)

Plus, I now get lots of compliments on my colors/branding.  Clients have even commented on how my brand really represents me. Heck, even my husband was over joyed to see them change and he too loves having them in our home. I finally feel very grounded and solidified. Much like Goldilocks -- now it's "just right."

So, lessons learned:
- The "experts" aren't always right
- You can pick brand colors that "feel" right for you
- Your brand colors can have nothing to do with "what you do"
- It's OK to change your brand colors (and it just might increase your success)

Here's to hoping my brand color story inspires you to find your "just right" brand colors.

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