Month End Reports Matter

How many of you have a "month end report?" Something that tells you what you accomplished this month or what progress you made?

I started a daily tracking sheet and it is working awesome. I also have a monthly tracking form that I've had for a few years now. Together these two forms give me a great perspective on what I accomplished, what the results were and help me see where I can make adjustments for the next month. It has been a huge help for me to keep my perspective in reality and not in fear or self doubt.

This month I was "thinking" about the days I missed drinking my water intake amount. I was "worried" about the days I didn't get my exercise in. I was "concerned" that the Facebook algorithm changes were affecting my page engagement. THEN I did my month end report and guess what???

I reached my 64 oz of water average per day... yes some days I took in more water, some days I took in less and some days I totally forgot to track it.. So even with the missed tracking days I hit my goal. Likely if I had tracked it all I would have exceeded it 🙂

I also hit my goal of one hour of exercise per week. This is a big increase for me seeing I started from doing nothing much at all... BUT.. I was thinking I didn't do it and in all honesty spent a couple minutes beating myself up and trying to come up with a plan to do better.... UGH! I don't need a plan to do better.. I just need to keep on doing what I'm doing... could have wasted a lot of time if I didn't have a month end report.

Same thing with my Facebook engagement rate. My average for the month was 10%... which according to my research is the average for Facebook pages.. anywhere from 10-15%... again, there were even a few days I forgot to track it...but at least I know I'm doing okay and I am reaching my audience just as much as I was before the "changes."

I also could have spent some time being "concerned" about my monthly income as January was a touch lower than December but, I was able to look at my average monthly income and realize I'm right on track to reach my annual income goal. Income can fluctuate from month to month and if we just look at it monthly and not in average with the other months we can start down a negative spiral that just isn't necessary or good for us. Ya know? It's just not worth it. Better to take a look at the bigger picture.

There were even a few things I had "forgot" about doing like sending my first newsletter, attending a pinterest webinar and enjoying a great walk with a dear friend. It was fun to look back and be filled with gratitude for all I accomplished.

Can you see where reviewing your month could help you keep things in perspective and likely pump you up for the next month? You likely deserve more gold stars than you are giving yourself...

Do a month end review and give yourself the gold stars you deserve. It doesn't have to be some fancy report. You don't have to show it or share it with anyone. It's just for you. It's a tool to support you in attaining the business & life you desire.

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