Money Affirmations for Women Business Owners

Money Affirmations for Women Business Owners by coach erin garcia

If your finances aren’t where you want them to be, stress and self-doubt creep in. These money affirmations will help to clear your head and adjust your mindset so your bank account doesn’t drive your business decisions or run your life.


Business flows to me in abundance

Being rich is ok

Budgeting my money is easy for me to do

Each day I see my wealth and know I deserve it and more

My sales are ever-increasing

I am a money magnet

I am receiving prosperity in expected and unexpected ways

I deserve a profitable business

I give myself permission to be prosperous

I now create an income that supports my financial security and freedom

I now embrace the word “budget” with love

I now feel confident and happy when I check my bank account balance

It is safe for me to save money

Money is pouring into my life from all directions

I release the temptation to discount my price to attract clients

It is easy for me to charge what I need to build the life I desire

My pricing is client attractive

My pricing is solid, consistent and fair

Pricing my services is no longer an emotional challenge for me

All resources are provided to me at the right time

I now receive all the resources I need to move forward

I am moving my business towards more and more prosperity

My business is financially abundant

It is safe for me to expand my business

I am reaching new levels and experiencing greater prosperity

I am worthy of money

It is ok for me to create wealth

Money comes to me daily

Money is something I gain comfort with daily

Money loves me and I love money

My bills are paid with ease and I am grateful

My business is making money and I love it

I am worthy of money

I am valuable

It is safe for me to receive more than I think I deserve

It is safe for me to accept more success in my life and my business

Affirmation: a tool used to re-wire your brain and improve your mindset.

Change Your Brain
Change Your Business

Affirmation Kit for Women Business Owners includes:

- over 200 affirmations
- printable affirmation log sheet
- tips for getting the most from the affirmations

This affirmation kit can be downloaded from your email right to your computer, tablet, or smartphone in PDF format! You don’t need a special eBook reader. You can also print it. Hard and softback copies are not available.

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