a 90-min private coaching program that helps women entrepreneurs sort through ideas, identify needed changes and decide on next steps so they can create more business success.


* new clients must complete a Clarity Creator before scheduling this session

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Much like a truck spinning it's wheels goes no where so do business owner spinning in ideas, fears, changes and unmade decisions.

Just like my other clients, with coaching, you too can be on the path to gaining traction that leads you to success

"Women-in-Business" Online Business Coach Erin from Phoenix, Arizona

We all work hard to take care of our clients, keep life in balance and grow our business. But there can be moments when we:

  • wonder if we're going crazy
  • feel unsure about our decisions
  • doubt our own abilities or skills
  • crave something new and want to experience a "next level"
  • feel driven to move forward but lack a clear direction

I'm here to help you clarify your vision, organize your ideas and communicate your message.

My 100% original coaching exercises will create new awareness and generate new ideas.

The Agenda

  • in-depth pre-session prep
  • typed session notes 
  • coaching questions
  • intuitive insights
  • creative perspectives
  • straightforward feedback
  • connect to new resources

The Goals

  • refresh your vision
  • give your ideas strength
  • reinvigorate your passion
  • unwind your mind
  • identify emotional blocks
  • strategize solutions
  • stabilize your mindset

The Process

  • assess situation
  • sort through ideas
  • evaluate options
  • brainstorm new concepts
  • establish goals
  • organize resources
  • build motivation

The Results

  • increased confidence
  • prioritized action
  • released fears and grounded emotions
  • formalized decisions
  • solid next steps roadmap
  • a clear, focused direction

EMAIL: erin@ecoacherin.com
PHONE: (602) 499-4825
ADDRESS: 13118 N. 20th Ave - Phoenix, AZ 85029

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