Mercury Retrograde

You’ve likely heard me talk about Mercury Retrograde and how it impacts my business and my life. The truth is, I used to be a non-believer. I thought it was all woo-woo stuff; nothing I needed to concern myself with. But then I started to see the correlation between Mercury Retrograde and the craziness that ensues during those times of year.

A Little Astrology Lesson

As you know, the planets are always in motion and each of them impacts us on Earth in different ways. When they go into retrograde, they appear to be moving backward in orbit. (Think of a car traveling in the same direction as you that suddenly slows down as it’s passing you. It might look like it’s going backward.)

Because Mercury is the closest to the sun, its orbit is much shorter than ours, causing it to go into retrograde several times a year. And according to astrologers, Mercury impacts communication, thinking, truth and travel. So when the planet is in retrograde, chaos can ensue.

Making Business Adjustments

When I saw the connection between some crazy issues that were coming up in my business and my clients’ businesses, I became a believer. That's when I started making changes in my business to accommodate Mercury Retrograde. Thanks to these changes, I saw a huge difference in my stress levels.

I no longer felt I was pushing against the tide, but instead was going with the tide. I started avoiding self-doubt that revolved around the communications I had during that time. I worked my business communications around Mercury Retrograde so nothing was left to chance—no miscommunications or misfired messages. I started seeing situations that didn’t go as expected during these times as a universal energetic phenomena, not a “me” or a “you/them” thing.

Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

Are you able to open your mind to something that might seem soooo far out there if it means you could make a positive impact on your life and your business? I hope so, because Mercury Retrograde happens 2-4 times a year and it pays to be prepared. I hope the list below aids you in being more aware and results in avoided stress.

As the retrograde approaches, keep in mind that this is a great time to:
  • Declutter.
  • Plan what to change and how to move forward.
  • Reflect, contemplate, ponder and journal.
  • Redesign your plans for the year.
  • Take a look at the projects you’ve put on the back-burner and revisit them.
You should be sure to:
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Watch your communication closely because messages can get mixed up.
  • Leave a little extra white space on your calendar as things may need to be rescheduled or you may need a break.
  • Plan extra time when traveling even if only across town.
And in your business, remember:
  • It’s better to focus on former clients during this time than new clients. Check in on former clients you’ve worked with in the past because that’s likely where business will come from during this time.
  • Stop, look and listen. Is there some area where you can shift things and be more productive?
  • You may have clients asking to lower your price. Stand firm! These are likely the same clients who will come back after the retrograde and no longer be asking for a lowered price.
  • Take your business plan and give it a second look. Chances are you’ll see things in a different light and that can give you ideas to strengthen it. That second look will also ensure you have covered all your bases.

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