Hey There! I'm Coach Erin--allow me to introduce myself.

The Basics

Born in Wickenburg, Arizona
Married since 2003
Step-mom of two children
(step-daughter and step-son)

The Woo-Woo Stuff

Numerology Life Path: 11
Chinese Element: Fire
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Astrological Sign: Cancer Crab

The Fun Stuff

I was my highschool mascot
I'm addicted to remodeling
I LOVE thrift store shopping
Spiders freak me OUT!


peanuts and raisin mixed
listening to rainstorms
creative problem solving
black and white photography
80's music, country and folk-pop


my hubby (of course)
beach vacations
weekend get-a-ways
taking naps


being too hot
being too cold (I'm like goldilocks)
sweating and being wet
driving at night
bugs (not ladybugs or butterflys)

Online Business Coach Erin smiling from Phoenix after meeting with a client
Business Coach and her husband in Phoenix, Arizona
Online Business Coach smiling after the success of her clients

Diving into business strategies, crafting marketing solutions and designing service programs lights me up.

Guiding women to become resources for others while improving their own lives is what it's about for me.

New Year Business Affirmations

Start the year on a positive note with affirmations. They can help you retrain your brain in 2018 to be more mindful of the messages you tell yourself. Use a few of these each day to help you stop with the negative self-talk and to start loving all that you are. I acknowledge my desire…

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Make a better 2018: 10 lessons I learned

Every year I’m in business, I learn new lessons. Life and business are full of them–knowledge we gain just by moving through each of our experiences. I also believe that this knowledge gives us an opportunity to do better. As Louise Hay said, “When we know better, we do better.” That’s what it’s so important…

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Business Ownership Affirmations

Owning a business is a lot of hard work but can also be beyond rewarding. You’re only human if you let self-doubt creep in sometimes. But using these affirmations will get your head back in the right place so you can move your business forward: Being an entrepreneur is an adventure I ENJOY. Being an…

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What I did to build my business in the last year

One of the most important ways to build your business is by doing what works for you, rather than what the rest of the crowd is doing. That’s exactly why I made some changes last year–because some of the things I was doing weren’t working for me. I wasn’t seeing results or just wasn’t enjoying…

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Client Goals vs. Coaching Reality

Clients come to me with a wide range of challenges and desires—everything from wanting to gain more clients to wanting to make more money to needing help with marketing. But when we sit down together, we often find that they’re actually looking for (and needing) something entirely different. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make…

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How to Market Your Services to Support Client Goals

Your clients hire you because they have goals they want to achieve and your services are one ticket to get there. Knowing what those goals are makes it easier for you to market your services to your ideal audience so they can find you. The truth is that many women business owners (or, at least,…

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Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Need A Title — But Think They Do

Too often, my clients get hung up on what they want to call themselves. The title they use when introducing themselves, the two words or the phrase that’s supposed to sum up what they do. When they can’t settle on that title, they’re paralyzed. They lose momentum because they’re so worried about a few words.…

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Top 10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Business

Oh the things I’ve learned.  I’ve learned about myself, business and life.  I’ve learned from my own experiences. I’ve learned from clients and through their experiences.  I’ve learned from other coaches and other business owners.  The knowledge one can gain in 10 years of business is almost immeasurable.  The transformation makes one almost unrecognizable–at least…

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4 Steps to Align Your Business to YOU

STEP 1: Acknowledge YOUR true dream. In a world where we often hear things like Dream Bigger, Be More Bold or Move to The Next Level we can get confused on what it is we really want, what our true dreams are. We can often see what others have & do and begin to think…

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Self-esteem and Self-trust Affirmations

Let’s face it — it takes a huge amount of self-esteem and trust in ourselves to be successful at most anything. Yet, being successful at owning your own business and serving your clients often takes just that much more. YOU GOT THIS!!! And here are a few affirmations to help you out. Feeling good about…

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Confidence Affirmations for Women Business Owners

A lack of confidence can damage your business and your self-worth. But using affirmations can cut out the negative self-talk and get your mind in a place of empowerment and tenacity. When you feel your confidence waning, add these affirmations to your daily routine. I am capable of amazing things I am comfortable, calm and…

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Take Fear By The Hand & Do It!

I’ve long said that fear is not all bad. In many ways fear keeps us safe from harm. but sometimes fear gets confused on what’s harmful and what’s helpful.  If you’re a parent, you at one point loved fear (yes I said loved fear.. stick with me) because fear kept your child safe.   You…

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