My Marketing Lesson From a Child

As soon as I got in line at Target, David perked up with, "I got the Monster movie and I'm going to watch it on my mom's t.v." He then showed me the movie and asked me if I knew the character's names (which I did not). He then said "My name is David, what's your name?" I told him my name and he quickly responded with "This is Jim, he's my dad" followed by "What did you get today?"

I told him about my steal of a deal on clearance jewelry (totally expecting our conversation would likely end there.. jewelry verses Monster Inc... come on.. LOL). But, David surprised me. "It's very pretty." Then as I suspected, David went back to looking at his movie but only for a moment before I hear David say "hello" to the cashier who responds with a "hello" and before she could even finish her greeting David says "I'm David, this is Jim my Dad and she's Erin."

And voila... a full conversation emerges among four complete strangers because of 3 1/2 year old who had the courage to share about himself, notice something about others and make an introduction. And then just like that, off David went having impacted me, his father and the Target employee, not even knowing the lesson he had just shared.

Are you talking to the people in the lines you are waiting in? Who knows, your smile, hello and introduction of others might just bring a smile to the faces of others and maybe that person in line is in need of a service or product you or one of your networking associates has to offer. Maybe you are the solution or resource they have been looking for and that's why you are where you.. in the Target line behind them.

Take a moment.. look around when you're there in line... who's around you?

Can you find the courage to have a natural conversation with the people next to you?

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