Make It Happen

Here's a few ideas to make it happen.

1. Team Up With A Partner:

Find someone who is working on a similar goal or project and set up times when you will work on things together or get together to brainstorm. Often working with someone else will make it more fun & keep your creativity going too.

2. Break It Down:

Take a look at your goals and break them down into smaller bite-sized pieces (often these can be "tasks"). Then focus on completing one task at a time. Often we can overwhelm ourselves if we look at the entire goal/project at one time. Yet, when we break them down into tasks it becomes more manageable.

3. Keep Your Ta-Da List:

Much like a TO-DO list but instead of writing down all the things you still need to do, this list is for all things you have done. It's important to see/track how far you've come not only how far you still have to go. When we see how far we've come we build confidence in ourselves for the journey still ahead.

4. Make A Vision Board:

A vision board can help you clarify what it is your goals will provide you. It's a visual representation of what you desire to achieve and attract. You can make one on your computer using clip art or grab some magazines and clip out words or images that remind you of what you want to achieve. Be sure to post your vision board somewhere you will see it often. You can even take a picture of it and have it as your desktop image or the backdrop on your phone.

5. Give Yourself Gold Stars:

Much like the big charts in the back of your grade-school classroom, make a chart for yourself. You can even find charts like this at Office Max or Staples in the classroom/teacher section. Mark down each goal and the tasks to get you there and then stick a gold star on the chart for each thing you complete. Imagine looking up from your desk and seeing all your gold stars.

6. Clarify Your Why:

Take a look at each of your goals and ask yourself the following questions: - Why do I want to achieve this? - How will achieving this benefit me? - What will achieving this gain my family and/or friends? - What are the pros to spending my time & money on this? What are the cons? Make sure you are clear as to why you've set your goal. Allow this to pull you into action and keep you motivated. Get as specific as you can as to WHY it's important. NOW.. take a look at those and mark any that you think you "should do" with an "S". If you're doing something because you "should" it is likely that your motivation isn't coming from with-in you but from the outside world. Unfortunately, it is likely your motivation will dwindle and in fact, you could create more self doubt than confidence. See if you can figure out why YOU would "want" to do this. If not, let it go and believe it will be okay to focus on something you "want" to do instead.

7. Delegate It:

You don't HAVE to do everything yourself. Delegation is powerful! It allows you to often achieve more in less time. Take a look at your bite-sized goals, which ones can you delegate to someone else (yes, even pay someone to do it). It's not only a great way to get more done, it can also be a great accountability tool. There is something about "having" to move forward because you told someone you were going to "do it." Plus, getting something back from someone can re-ignite your energy for completing the project. There are lots of very, very technically savvy teens looking to make a few dollars, even the stay at home mom down the street is willing to help you out a couple hours here and there. Of course you can also always hire a virtual assistant too. Take a look at that list you've got.. what can you let someone else take care of for you?

8. Work Toward It:

Remember you don't start off at your goal you work toward it. For example if you want to be posting on your Facebook page four times a day start out posting one time a day and work up from there. Start out with something that you know you can handle, something easy for you. This will build your confidence and help you create new behaviors, routines and systems, making it easier to add another day and another and another. Remember your goal is to be posting four times a day by the end of 2017, you have 12 months to get there and still count it as a success. It is also very likely that if you try to do too much at once your motivation won't last because overwhelm will set in quickly.

9. Go With The Ebb and The Flow:

To think that you will always have HIGH powered motivation is well, just unrealistic. We all have times where we can get a TON done, things just fall into place and we just go, go, go. Yet, there are other times we just don't have the same energy level and it seems as if nothing gets done. Keep aware and don't let the ebb scare you or get you into a self doubt cycle. Know that there will be another flow, know that it's coming soon and all will be well. The ebb and flow of motivation is there to keep us balanced. Allow yourself to utilize the flow and embrace the ebb.

10. Affirmations:

I know, I'm starting to sound like a broken record but they are just so powerful. Affirmations are quite literally the most powerful tool I have in my tool belt. Keeping your mind focused on the positive and the possibilities. Allowing you to turn your thoughts towards that which you desire. I just can't say enough. Give it a try this month and share your experience with me. I want to know. Did they work for you?  * Visit my pinterest boards for more affirmations

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