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Starting, growing and expanding a business can cause even the most confident women to feel unsure and overwhelmed.

But, it can also spark excitement and ignite a drive for success.

Coach Erin - excited to be a coach for women business owners in Phoenix, Arizona

We can find ourselves:

  • Not knowing what decisions to make
  • Going in multiple directions
  • Spinning in a cycle of doubt
  • Experiencing information and idea overload
  • Jumping from strategy to strategy
  • Owning a business that owns us
  • Wondering if it will ever work
  • Worrying that we're not cut out for this

We can also:

  • be excited about crafting our own path
  • feel the freedom of designing our own schedule
  • experience the joy of helping others
  • acknowledge our desire for more or different
  • be eager to explore new opportunities
  • crave a higher level of self-empowerment
  • desire to uncover more of who we are
  • embrace the value we can offer the world

Become who you are meant to be.  Put a name to what you want.

expand your potential

embrace the growth being your own boss offers

enjoy the magic of business ownership.


Coach Erin - Business Coach for Women Business Owners



Hey there! Coach Erin here.

I'm super excited you found me.

And I'm ready to dive into coaching and business with you.

Coach Erin sitting in front of The Coach's Cottage in Phoenix, Arizona

Coaching equips us with a structured process for sorting through
ideas and a framework for making decisions
-- so we don't get stuck --


Coaching empowers personalized decision making over
incorporating ALL the tips, secrets, rules and "must haves"
-- so we don't spin in doubt --


Coaching clarifies emotions, identifies fears, breaks down blocks,
creates direction and resets the mind
-- so we don't get overwhelmed --

Allow Coaching To Transform

Confusion Into Confidence -- Ideas Into Income -- Stuck Into Success

Businesses That Are a Good Fit For My Coaching Programs

  • 1:1 services
  • 1:1 programs
  • group programs
  • live events/workshops
  • mastermind communities
  • service bundles and packages
  • majority of direct-to-client services
  • coaching
  • consulting
  • training
  • creatives
  • client services
  • majority of service-based businesses
  • majority of customer-focused businesses

The challenge with coaches, as with a lot of things, is that they are not all created equally. There are good ones, and some that are not as effective. Once you've had an experience that wasn't good, it's easy to decide that "coaching doesn't work...or doesn't work for me." I went into my appointment with Erin with "baggage" from past coaching experiences and was a little skeptical about how effective it would be. I was wrong. Erin has a unique gift of being able to zero in on exactly the areas that need to be addressed. She is extremely perceptive which allows her to bring clarity to a situation quickly. I'm very, very impressed with her, and highly recommend her services!

Janine Finney, Flip Flop C.E.O

>> Four Areas of Coaching Expertise <<





>> Custom Coaching Process <<

My coaching process is designed from 10 years of working with self-employed women. While many coaching programs mimic other programs, my program is 100% original. Each exercise is uniquely mine. I hand crafted each one.

I continue to discover new insights into the self employed woman. I continue to make adjustments and add new improvements. When you work with me you get the benefit of an established program that's anchored in new wisdom.

Each one of my clients creates a unique business model -- not a copy-cat of the business my previous client created. I believe we are the artist of our own business. I'm here with a framework, a blank canvas and tools: the artistry is all yours.

Coach Erin client picture and business coaching testimonialErin is the bee's knees when it comes to business coaching. She has patiently and capably walked me through the process of envisioning and creating my business, even though I came to her with only vague notions about maybe starting some kind of business possibly one day soon. She took those vague notions and nebulous timelines, formed them into solid business plans, mapped out what I needed to do, and helped me navigate my way into starting a real business of my own.

It has all happened so smoothly and well that I'm still a bit amazed, even though I have gotten used to how fantastic Erin is!

Erin really has been a joy to work with. She is relaxed and fun, but has a real brain for business. I have loved watching that brain at work during our coaching sessions. When she needs a minute to think, I know something cool is about to happen for my business. As a business novice, it has been invaluable to have Erin's insights and expertise to guide me in this process.

Jenny Alton - Utah - Flannel Creative

>> Four Part Method for Igniting Momentum <<

The Goals

big picture set
niche clarified
mindset locked in
pricing formulated
packages established
next steps planned out
marketing mapped out

The Process

coaching conversations
decision-making exercises
mindset-mastery tasks
business model breakdown
collaborative brainstorming
skill-boosting assignments
straightforward feedback

The Tools

coaching questions
intuitive insights
outside perspective

The Results

message clarity
pricing alignment
blocks removed
service confidence
systems in place
marketing sureness
business excitement

>> Signature Business Foundation Formula <<


self awareness
self accountability
emotion regulation
money mind blocks
beliefs and value systems
business and life integration

2. WHY:

life vision
business mission
business vision

3. WHO:

audience assessment

target market

secondary audience

ancillary audience

referral partnerships

4. WHAT:



focus areas

knowledge zones

core message

visual brand brainstorm

5. HOW:

Service Structure

program design

package creation

income generators

purchase opportunities

service distribution channels

Internal Systems

ideal schedule

dream budget

client agreements

client scheduling process

client behavior management

client welcome and on-boarding

client off-boarding

testimonial capture


pricing system

payment plans

fee and value alignment


marketing platform prioritization

marketing collateral organization

internal marketing routines and schedules

marketing systems and expansion plan

client/customer retention

referral programs

My clarity creator with Coach Erin surpassed my expectations. It was more in depth than I thought it would be. I appreciated the fluid conversation and willingness to go into details that weren’t “easy.” I loved the transparency and being able to talk about what’s really going on.  I appreciate that Erin was willing to talk about everything and lovingly (yet directly) discuss the sore subjects. It was awesome to breakthrough to seeing the “roots” of the problem and out of the session with concrete areas to focus on and work through.

Lory Muirhead - Phoenix, Arizona - Flip Flop C.E.O

>>>>> Coaching Programs <<<<<

Schedule a Clarity Creator Session

*all new clients must complete Clarity Creator before selecting an individual coaching program

Join Online Sparks Mastermind 

* join Sparks anytime
(no clarity creator required)

Clarity Creator one-on-one coaching session90-min individual
coaching session $287

  • Sort through your ideas.
  • Clarify your message.
  • Craft your next steps plan.
  • Identify and release fears.
  • Test out the power of coaching.

$50 of Clarity Creator will be deducted
from the coaching program of your choice.

exclusive community for
self-employed women

  • Online resource center
  • 24-hr online forum
  • Virtual community calls 2x per month
  • On-going coach support

3 months = $75.00
6 months = $120.00
12 months = $180.00

*all clients start with a clarity creator before moving into a coaching program.
Together we will determine which program fits your goals, time schedule and personality best.


6-month comprehensive program

  • Weekly 90-min sessions
  • 9 flexible coaching hours
  • Unlimited virtual support
  • Lifetime Sparks membership

$2926 (paid in full)
$2000 deposit + 5 payments of $303

12-week coaching program

  • Weekly 90-min sessions
  • Unlimited virtual support
  • Add-on coaching available
  • 3-month Sparks membership

$2450 (paid in full)
$1800 deposit + 2 payments of $570

3, 6 & 12 month programs available

  • Monthly 90-min sessions
  • Unlimited virtual support
  • Monthly Sparks membership
  • Add-on coaching available

pricing depends on
length of program

Have questions? Want to meet with me before we dive into coaching? Great!
You can schedule a complimentary 20-min Meet-N-Greet Session Here .

Thank you, Erin for helping me create an initial 'intro' package- it feels better, it's easier to sell and it just works- so thank you!

Loren North- Phoenix, Arizona - Through The Closet Door

I truly feel that I gained more value than what the program cost. Coach Erin listens intently to what you are meaning instead of just the words you're saying. She picks up on little cues that most people miss. It's amazing the insights she's gotten from seemingly small things.

You feel very paid attention to and important. She holds your hand while kicking you in the pants. She challenges you while supporting you.  And she'll call you on your own BS.

Coaching was filled with deep dive, laughs and real work on both my life and business.
Alicia Fields - Phoenix, Arizona - Wild Alakea

Coach Erin client picture and business coaching testimonialI've likely spent $1,000 on marketing classes and training and what Coach Erin was able to do with me makes SO much more sense. I was fumbling over my words and having my stomach tied in knots at network meetings and struggling to answer the question, "What do you do?"

I now have a clear, focused message that is written in the words of my clients. I believe in my new message, and now have the confidence to stand up and say who I am, what I do and who my ideal client is.
Robbi Hess - New York -All Words Matter