Keep Your Goals Fresh

If your business goals are sort of getting that "boring" feeling and you're looking for ways to REFRESH your goals --here are a couple ideas.

Make A New Tracking Form:

Change the colors, the order, etc OR if you don't have a tracking form, create one. Tracking your business progress can be hugely motivating. Plus it's important to see how far you've come and not just look at how far you still have to go.

Find An App:

I recently found "my fitness pal" which is making it more fun to keep track of my nutrition intake and see my weight "release-ment" progress. There are apps for keeping track of your budgets, mileage, taxes --heck, there seems to be an app for everything.

Make A Vision Board:

Collect images that showcase what life/business will look like once you've accomplished your goals. Get creative. If you want to attract 30 new clients create a chart with 30 squares and each time you attract a client put a star or a picture of your client in the box. Draw one of those "thermometer" gauges to show how much income you've made, clients you've attracted, etc.

Create "Prizes" For Yourself:

Set up a prize for each "stage" of your goal. Maybe it's new business cards, an i-pad, new clothes, a pedicure.. what ever it is.. don't give it to yourself until you've reached your business goal.

What ideas do you have to share ? How can you freshen up your business goals?

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